7 Supercars

If you’re in the hunt for a new ride to wow onlookers for 2016 there are multiple options of power and prestige, and many excellent locations from where to buy them, starting withHow to Spend It. Here are seven supercars to give your garage an ultimate upgrade.

Audi R8

The second coming of a design that will be ten years old and continues to turn heads. While the first incarnation was based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform, the new version shares with the Huracan. V10 and V10 plus models will produce 540/610 horsepower respectively, with top speeds up to 205mph. Oh, and there’s optional laser lights. Expect to pay around £77,000.

Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography

Its name is almost the length of an autobiography, but car enthusiasts are more interested by the ‘SV’, which originally derives from Special Vehicle Operations to be found in Jaguar land Rover’s SVO division. An extra 40 horsepower, to bring it up to 510hp, a new exhaust system, and a range of unique colour options make this a luxury ride of power and comfort. Car and Driver describes the interior as ‘a sight to behold’, and for $200,000 (£131,000) one would expect nothing less.

Ferrari 488GTB

The insanely beautiful 488GTB has won rave reviews for its performance on road and track. With 34bhp more than the mighty McLaren F1, this car is making waves as the torchbearer for Ferrari’s turbocharged future, putting the old V-8 engine out to pasture. The successor to the 458 Italia will cost around £183,000.

Lamborghini Aventador SV

As powerful a presence as can be found on the world’s roads, the Aventador is another seemingly impossible looking car from Lamborghini. The ‘Superveloce’ (superfast) can reach 60mph in around three seconds, and is described by its creators as “the most sports-oriented, fastest, and most emotional series-production Lamborghini ever”. Buying this 217mph Goliath will probably set you back around £330,000.

Porsche 911

Of course, the 911 isn’t new, but it has had a facelift, and starting at £76,000 this isn’t quite the eye-watering account drain of others on this list. However this iconic brand continues to evolve, with new LED daytime running lights and a new rear engine cover. For those who like to tinker there are a host of modifications to the drive experience available; and let’s not forget the 414bhp (Carrera S), with a 3.9 second time frame for 0-60mph.

Bentley Continental GT

Tweaks and touches to the exterior of the saloon include slight alterations to the shape including new bumpers, a revised centre console, and Wi-Fi. However, driving aficionados might be more interested in the increased power (567hp bumper up to 582). It’s available with a V8 or W12 engine, and in three new colours of Marlin, Jetstream and Camel. For added venom go for the Continental Speed, which packs 626hp into its frame. Prices start at around £131,000.

Bugatti Chiron

Just the 288mph top speed for this awesome specimen, which is due to make its debut at Geneva. It’s the successor to the iconic Veyron and stacks another £650,000 onto the price. There’s an almost ethereal, other world feel to this 16-cylinder hyper exclusive car that apparently tops 1500 metric horsepower. Expect a hefty price of £1.6m.