Its official Women are better drivers than men

The latest survey into which gender is the better driver has heated up once again following another attempt to get the answer to the age old debate. A month study which consisted of both observing anonymously and a series of tests while driving came to the conclusion that males performed worse in the driving score boards.  Another factor that was brought to light was the fact that women bragged less about their driving skills. The research carried out by Privilege Insurance scored drivers on 14 different points with men averaging 19.8 points and women leading with 23.6 points out of 30. The main issue that reduced men’s points tally was driving too close to the car in front .

The research also revealed that men generally think they are the better drivers with less than 14% saying that women were better drivers. On the other hand 28% of women believed men where the better drivers.

Local golf legend Darren Clarke’s wife, Miss Northern Ireland organizer Alison Clarke thinks women are the superior drivers.

Darren’s a real petrolhead and loves fast cars and has driven all kinds over the years,” said the model agency boss.

“He is a very good driver and may think he’s better than me, but he’s not.

“It’s men who seem to get more irritated at the wheel, particularly when they are flashing their lights even when you are travelling at 70mph in the outside lane or shaking their heads at traffic stops when someone doesn’t move off as quickly as they would like.”