Top Six TV Cars Of The Past

As fans of cars, no doubt you remember fondly some of the cars that have appeared in the television series of the past .

Among thousands of locations, actors and hundreds of hours of footage, there are cars that have taken the lead role in some series; others, though less important, are a hallmark of certain characters. We have reviewed six of the popular motorised television icons.


The van out of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad without the van feature would like a cake without sugar or a sandwich without bread. For the many appearances in the various chapters of the series, this van is already an integral part of the creation of Vince Gilligan , who works as a support in the laboratory for Jesse and Walter .

The famous van is a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder . If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad and you feel like building a replica, get 100,000 euros and go for it, because in the United States it is still for sale.

General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard

Do you remember the series The Dukes of Hazzard aired during the eighties? If the name does not sound familiar and Bo and Luke still do not jog your memory, surely the beloved Dodge Charger driving this pair of cousins ​​will bring all those memories to the fore. On board this muscle car of 1969, the main characters struggle for justice in Hazzard.

The name of the Dodge Charger, General Lee, comes from a general of the United States Army, General Robert E. Lee, and features a battle flag of the Confederate States of America, it was the army who ran the real General Lee.

The Ferrari 308 GTS From Magnum PI

Thanks to its presence in the series ‘Magnum ‘, the Ferrari 308 is one of the most iconic models of the famous Italian car manufacturer. The series aired from 1980-1988, and starred Tom Selleck in the role of Thomas Magnum , a private investigator living in Hawaii.

Ferrari 308 GTS was again used for each season of the series, eight in all. Some say that the first choice in the production of Magnum was a Porsche 928, but the German car maker refused to make some changes, so they resorted to Ferrari.

The Batmobile


It is impossible to talk about cars without mentioning the Batmobile. The original was released in the late fifties, and starred in the television series during the sixties. It was based on a Lincoln Futura painted in black with orange details. To make reference to Batman, wings on the side were inserted.

The success of the Batman series has given rise to many Batmobiles appearing on the big screen, but none has been able to match the style of the original model coined in the United States.

The A Team Van

A van of black body and gray, with red accents, 15-inch wheels and robust defenses. Sound familiar? Yes, it is the ‘A-Team’ and the van was a GMC Series G. Six series of the show were produced. To the surprise of many, the vans were not identical; some had lights mounted on the ceiling, some not. Similarly, the logo of GMC was originally painted red, but in later seasons when the manufacturer finished sponsorship, the colour was changed to black.

The Volvo P1800 ‘The Saint’

In the sixties, one of the most popular series was ‘The Saint’. Its protagonist, Simon Templar (played by actor Roger Moore) drove a Volvo P1800 , a vehicle which replaced the P1900 of which only 68 units were sold, making it one of the biggest business failures of Volvo.

The P1800 , however, was a success. Thanks to its appearance in the series ‘The Saint’, the car quickly jumped to fame; in 13 years there were almost 48,000 units sold. Some members of the series, including Roger Moore, loved the Volvo P1800 so much they ended up buying one.