Ariel Unleash Mad New Buggy

Nobody now can argue that Ariel is not the coolest car maker on earth. Why you ask? Well, as much as we know Ariel as a car manufacturing company that has produced just one car (The Atom) Ariel has gone a step further and introduced its newest baby…The Nomad.

We should warn you that this is not a traditional vehicle, rather it’s a car that can only be recognized by Ariel enthusiasts. We have to say that when it comes to building funny vehicles, nobody can beat Ariel on this front!


The Modern Buggy

People from Ariel are describing their new invention as a Modern Buggy. They claim that this is a car that has been built to tackle the tough wild nature but subtle enough to be at home even in city roads. To some enthusiasts such as James May of BBC Top Gear suggest that “The thought of commuting to and from work is one that is rather irresistible”.


So what’s With This New Phenomenon?

For starters, the Ariel Nomad car is a bit shorter than the Renault Twingo. It weighs 670kgs which is 200 kilograms heavier that the Ariel Atom. However; its weight is slightly above half the weight of a Ford Fiesta.

It is has been fit with a Honda-Sourced 2.4 litre 4 cylinder VTEC Engine. The engine has been tuned to emit 235BPH when you hit 7200 rpm. All the while the car will be producing up to 221 lb. ft. of torque which is much more than some normal road cars.

What Does This Mean? With all that mechanical arithmetic, the Ariel Nomad car has been designed to go from 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds. Its top speed has been capped at 136mph.


Ariel Nomad Features

·         The new car has been custom fit with bronze-welded steel tube structure.

·         The car has also been fit with an outboard suspension

·         The car features craftsmanship done by Bilstein, Eibach and Öhlins

·         The car comes fit with fat, knobbly tires that are rather brilliant on the road

·         The gear box is a simple six-speed-manual

From the look of it, many state that the Nomad resembles a remote-control buggy that has been actualized. The Nomad has been built to tackle rally stages such as the Dakar Rally and more truth about the car will be revealed to all after it takes part in the race and finishes.

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