Audi Lets A7 Car Drive Itself to CES

Admit it, it’s a new millennia where technology keeps throwing us in a spin every now then. Audi is one car manufacturer that is wowing car enthusiast, people in the industry by allowing a self-driving car to attend the CES 2015 edition.

Yes Audi made a decision allowing their model A7 Sportback self-drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas on a journey that is more than 550 miles long. Pundits are in agreement that this is a stunt that has been specially crafted to showcase the German manufacturer’s newest “Auto-Pilot Driving Technology”.

Audi’s technology involves a combination of cruise control together with fully autonomous driving that successfully handles highways without being guided/directed by a human. However, the new concept isn’t really ready for city streets navigation.

Audi also claimed that during the two day long trip, a human being will be stationed behind the wheel just in case. Audi also reports that in situations where human drivers fail to take control of the vehicle near cities, the vehicle will part itself at the emergency lane.


The Technology Used in the A7 Sportback

Technology used in this vehicle builds upon previous systems made by Audi. The technology involves the use of a combination of systems including:

·         A LIDAR (Laser Scanner)

·         A total of five radars

·         A handful of 3D cameras that have been fit round the whole vehicle

The A7 Sportback Audi vehicle is capable of driving at speeds reaching 70mph on highways. Audi claims that the A7 has been designed to initiate lane changes and will be able to bypass manoeuvres all on its own, without any human intervention.

The A7 Sportback self-drive vehicle has been designed to sound an alarm when it approaches a city. The alarm will go off and the dashboard will start flashing. The alarm and dashboard lighting has been created to alert the drive to take control of the vehicle.

In case the driver fails to assume control of the vehicle, Audi states that the car’s system will automatically activate hazard lights and will eventually pull the car up to a complete stop. The car will mostly come to a complete stop in the emergency lane.


Availability of This Technology

As much as Audi isn’t quick to announce when the product ready technology will be availed on a commercial basis, semi-autonomous systems such as these are a platform that is most likely to provide the perfect introduction to car concepts that will be fully fledged self-driving cars in the future.

That is, as long as we don’t all find ourselves waking up from a quick nap on the road, lights blinking, in the emergency lane. The Audi A7 Sportback concept has been set on this journey to purposely display the kind of technology that we should expect to see from Audi in the future.

Let’s just wait and see whether in future drivers will be allowed to take a nap and only take control of the wheel when driving through a busy street!

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