Best Car Battery Chargers Power Packs

A battery charger remains a great way to keep your battery in good and constant working condition be it of a car, boat, caravans etc. and concurrently you end up avoiding situations of being stranded due to a drained battery. However, you never just buy any type of car battery charger. There are those key things that you must always have on your finger tips for you to acquire the best car battery charger. These key things that you must know are the features of your potential charger, charging options, safety features, battery compatibility and portability. That out of the way, outlined below are top 5 of the best car battery chargers that you can opt for to always keep yourself and your car always on the go.


1. Clarke Jumpstart 1224 Dual Voltage 12/24v Dc Starter 2 X 22ah

This charger pack comes with 2, 22Ah batteries which give it the power to get petrol engines of up to 6ltrs and diesel engines of up to 3ltrs which require 12 and 24 volts respectively started and running. This is possible via the dual switch which allows you to toggle between the two options. It has cables which are 1 metre long which are meant to deliver up to a 1000A at 24V and 2000A at 12V. When it is running under normal starting conditions, the power boost it gives off is 1000A and 500A at 12V and 24V respectively. Additionally, it has LED battery indicators which show when the charging is ongoing. Its design also incorporates a 5-bulb work-light system which illuminates while you attach and detach the cables on to the battery. It has an audible warning signal which it emits when you have wrongly connected the cables and when the battery is running low. This pack charges from a 12V mains supply and upon purchase you are provided with adaptors which are ever available when you face a running low battery. Its DC outlet allows you to connect with other electrical equipment while you are on the move.


2. Clarke Jumpstart 5 in One 12v Starter

This model weighs a mere 11kg which makes it fairly portable. It prides itself in being a heavy duty emergency power source with a robust power facility, an 18Ah supreme standard sealed lead acid battery, a 300W power supply inverter, 2 x USB 5V DC power supplies and a 7 LED work light. Also contributing to its power house is a 2 x 12V DC power supply and an in-built compressor which can be used to inflate tyres of cars, bikes, air beds and the like. All these features are co-joined to give one supreme unit which can be used to start diesel engines of up to 2.5 litres and petrol engines alike of up to 3 litres. Its design is suitable enough to handle reverse polarity and protection from power overload. Like the previous model it is mains controlled i.e. 230AC mains and includes a mains adaptor and a male-male DC lead. All this gadgetry is housed and protected by a hardwearing rubber casing.



3. Car Battery Power Booster Jump Starter Road Start Rescue Pack 1600 12v

It is a compact and yet lightweight (10kgs) jump starter pack with all the necessary bits and bolts. Being a lightweight power house and incorporated with a handle it is easy to move around with it to where the power is required. Other than that, this charger offers a 1600amp boost peak rate and a cranking rate of also features an exact 22Ah battery capacity while outputting at least a DC voltage of 12V. Lastly it has LED indicators which show the charge level of the battery when it is low and when it is charging.



4. New Model 5 in 1 12v 900 Amps Car Portable Power Station Battery Jump Starter

This booster pack having a rechargeable power rating of 15Ah produces a peak of 900 amperes emergency power boost and can jump start a good variety of battery-powered components such as cars, speed bikes, vans and the lot after connecting its colour coded leads to your desired charging point i.e. a 12V battery. Its outlet is a 400W power inverter which allows you to easily connect your home electrical appliances such as televisions, radios, computers etc. This comes well in handy when you are away from home and have no alternative power source. It has a 260 PSI air compressor which can effectively inflate your car or van tyres. Additionally it comes with LED lighting which gives off splendid light when you are working on your connections. Its 12 volts power supply and socket permits your desired connection of electrical appliances which are in the 12V range for example a phone charger. In addition it features a fan, battery status switch, charging jack, re-charging power leads, fuse (replaceable) and a set of battery and alternator tester.



5. Ring Power Pack RPP107 Jump Starter 17 Ah

Weighing just 9kgs this pack generates a good enough 12V which charges a maximum engine size of 2 litres from its battery which gives off 500 amperes at 17Ah. It’s especially designed to protect its components against polarity. Its battery indicators tell you of your flatting out battery in order to charge it. It also includes a 2 x 12V DC sockets and a 2.1A USB charging socket outlet for charging your electronics gadgets. Its one-metre length power cables allow you to conveniently charge your required battery only if its 1.5V or less otherwise, it won’t charge at all. Finally, its 2 x LED work light illuminates your activities in the dark to avoid any incidents.


Now you know everything you need to know about these car battery chargers. Use this information to make the right choice so that you enjoy convenience and quality at an affordable price.

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