Best Van Seat Covers – Product Reviews


Van seat covers provide a way to restyle the inside of your vehicle, while also ensuring that your upholstery lasts as long as your car does. Seat covers can come with a number of different features that enhance the appearance of your car, and allow you to enjoy a brand new look. If you want the sense of luxury that leather brings to the interior, then you can select a cover made from a leather-like material. If your upholstery looks a bit shabby with stains from your people eating in it, then you may cover it up and provide your van with an improved, neater appearance. Regardless of your desires and needs, a cover exists to fit them as well as your seat. Here are some examples of van seat covers, their features, and what other consumers had to say about them.

VW Transporter T5 Van 1+1 Front Seats with Custom Made Cover is a made-to-measure treat that provides an attractive and comfortable feature to the vehicle. Made with high grade PU leatherette, this provides a look of luxury and indulgence to the interior of the vehicle. Regardless of how worn out the original upholstery of the seats appear, this custom made cover will bring them back to life and add a touch of newness to the van’s appearance. This van seat cover consists of black and silver grey colors with black stitching, creating a simplistic but stylish appeal. They are also waterproof and stainproof, which will help keep them looking so pleasing to the eye. Plus, they are easily cleaned and maintained, as leatherette can quickly be wiped off without much fuss. Some features include holes for side airbag impact and seven millimeter foam to ensure comfort. With the zippers easily hidden from view, riders will believe that these van seat covers are an original part of the seats.

Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTI Sportive Deluxe Van Seat Covers Black and Blue Piping were created by hand through incredible and longstanding skill. A craftsman hand cut the fabric to fit the van seats specified, while a seamstress performed the stitching – each artisan with over three decades of experience. The grey color accented with the bright blue stripes creates a pleasing modern appearance, simplistic yet eye catching. This product is also available in an assortment of other color schemes, and may be selected depending on the preferences of the purchaser. These van seat covers perform to protect the vehicle’s original upholstery from spills, tears, sun damage, or other forms of damage that it may encounter. The product features seat belt openings for ease of access, and the highest quality materials for a ten year guarantee. Customer ratings provided five stars on both the quality of the product and reliability of the service.

Ford Transit 2008 Luxury Van Seat Covers in Black and Grey use premium fabric of the highest possible quality. They feature seat belt openings, a twelve month warranty, and can be washed in the machine whenever they begin to get dirty. An excellent method of protecting your seats from damage, you can also enjoy the luxurious feel of the material. These van seat covers were cut and stitched by machinists with years of experience. In addition to easily washable material, the covers are also quite durable, making for a long lasting and appealing addition to your van’s appearance. However, despite the integrity of the material, customers commented that the covers were slightly too large, having creases in them after covering the seats. Still, the durability of the fabric makes this product an excellent recommendation or gift for tradesmen or individuals who carry around a great many tools.


Citroen Berlingo Pair of Heavy Duty Waterproof Van Seat Covers in Black offers a simplistic aesthetic to add to the inside of your van, with chic, smooth black fabric that resembles leather. It features durability enforced by water resistance, tear resistance, and fabric strength. You can also easily slip it on and off of your seats without much fuss in the process. Plus, whenever dirt, grime, or food soil the van covers, simply wipe it off with a wet cloth. They can be put through a lot of wear and tear, and are recommended for those who engage in labor or craftsman work to protect the original upholstery from damage caused by tools and other accessories. Parents may also enjoy this product, as it is easy to clean up and virtually indestructible despite the wear and tear often brought on by children.

Renault Trafic Leather Look Van Seat Single Covers provides your van with a luxury look that one can only achieve from the appearance of leather seats. The leather look provided by these van seat covers offers that rich, sophisticated appearance that will impress any who hitch a ride in your van. The double stitching used to hold the material together offers improved ability to withstand years of use, with less of a tendency to tear. This product also boasts a lifetime warranty, as well as a smart, stylish fit once it is put on the seats. This means that you can rest assured that your van seat covers will last for years to come. Customers provided it with a four star rating, with their only qualm being difficulty moving the headrest.


You can discover many other van seat covers that will improve the interior of your vehicle as well as your sensibilities. Many that are made from a cloth material can easily be removed and washed should they come into contact with drink spills, food stains, or a pet’s accident. With material that resembles leather, you can easily just wipe off the offending substance with no fuss whatsoever. Van seat covers make great gifts for people who enjoy taking their pets around with them, mums and dads from all walks of life, and men and women who work jobs that require the transport of heavy duty materials. Plus, you can create a whole new look for the inside of your van without having to indulge in an overly expensive purchase. Recreate the sense of style, luxury, and fashion within your van, and you can experience your drive time in a whole new light.

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