Dakar Rally – Toughest Off-Road Race in the World

The world’s most tough off-road race known as the Dakar rally has already begun. Drivers as well as riders from across the planet will commence on a race that will have them negotiating rough terrain without any chance of catching the scenery of Argentina, Bolivia as well as Chile.

Experts and followers of this glorious once a year rally all agree that a combination of both endurance, determination and sheer luck are ingredients that drivers and riders need to have to complete this harsh terrain.

This year, competitors are faced with additional problems when trying to cover the 9,000 kilometres that they will cover in the three countries. Competitors will have to learn how to adapt and keep the right momentum as the route will endlessly attempt to break them.

Dependent on the time and day, settings and paces will change and competitors will move away from routes that are rocky to drive through desert dunes in endurance stages and into extreme sprints.

Teams taking part in the Dakar rally place their vehicles under a lot of pressure. Marathon stages are setup so that drivers don’t get the chance of using their assistance teams which help in testing drivers’ abilities of managing their vehicles without any help.

2015 is the year when trucks and cars that have been rested from racing in the marathon stage since 2005 will be permitted to take part in this additional difficult stage. The marathon stage has been split up into two stages and it will involve competitors having to spend a night in remote shelters.

The vehicles taking part in these stages will be cordoned off in a secluded area and the only help they will receive is help meted out between competitors. Other than technical challenges that will obviously come up during this session, drivers on the other hand have been accorded a golden opportunity of enjoy an entirely different atmosphere in a remote environment.


The different routes combined together with resting days will extend an opportunity to the teams handling the cars to demonstrate in full their potential when it comes to both the driving skills and navigation skills.

A whopping 1382 kilometres of nothing but open space will provide cars with an opportunity of competing without any chances of being slowed down due to overtaking…

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