How to keep your passengers occupied

Road trips are a great way to spend quality time with your family, but they can often be spoilt if you have to drive a long way to your destination. We all know children can get grumpy and teenagers sometimes even more so when they’ve been stuck in a car for a long time. But whilst modern technology can’t make you get there any quicker, they can make your journey feel shorter.

 Portable DVD players have been around for a good few years and are a simple way of keeping your passengers entertained. You can now pick up a basic model from around £50. If your budget is a bit bigger you can pick up slimmer devices that you can attach to the back of your headrest for the best view. Just remember to grab a few DVDs from their collection before you leave and they’ll be entertained for hours on end.

 Another idea is to fill your tablet with lots of activities to keep everyone occupied. Like a portable DVD player, these can hold hours of films and TV shows to help you pass the time. Some catch-up TV apps like BBC IPlayer even let you download shows for free, but remember to download them at home before you set off.

 Games are another great way of passing the time with a tablet. For younger players, there are games based on popular shows including Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam. For teenagers, games like Angry Birds will challenge them for hours.

 But if you’re passengers are a little older you might want to try playing some online games.

One top tip – bring a spare charger. Playing videos and games on your tablet or phone can drain the battery in a matter of hours. These devices can keep your passengers entertained for a whole journey, but expect ugly scenes if the battery runs out. Make sure to pack an adapter for your cigarette lighter before you set off. Failing that, buy an emergency battery that you can charge at home and use to top up your device’s battery.

But if you don’t want your passengers to spend their day staring at a screen, there are always more traditional methods of keeping them entertained.

One great game everyone can get involved with is car bingo. Take it in turns to come up with something unusual to hunt, like a yellow car or a tractor, and the first person to spot one wins.

If your car full prefer to play detective, then 20 questions is another great game to play. One person selects a person, animal, item or even a song or movie and the rest of the car has 20 questions to try and guess what the other is thinking.

If you’d rather spend time exercising your memory, then the supermarket game is ideal. The first person starts by saying “I went to the supermarket and I bought” and then chooses something to buy, like a banana or an apple. The next person then has to remember what the previous person bought and adds something else to their trolley. The game goes on until you have so many things in your trolley that you can’t remember them all.

So whether you want to power your journey with electronic devices or old fashioned games, be sure to arm yourselves with something to keep your passengers entertained next time you go for a drive.

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