Mazda 6 Engine Failure and Mazda 6 Engine Replacement

If I said to you in 2016 we a repaired one Mazda 6 2.2 Engine each month and on an average we had 4 or 5 inquires each month in relation to Mazda 6 2.2 Engine Failure and Mazda 6 Engine replacement, would you say that’s normal ?. The answer is no.

There are several things which need to happen before an engine will completely fail, the first is lack of oil quantity which really leads onto the next which is a drop in oil pressure to the big end and main bearings. If the oil pump can’t provide the required amount of oil pressure then the pump has either failed or its simply not getting the correct amount of oil to produce oil pressure, in other words we have a blockage somewhere. On most oil pumps there will be some sort of filter to prevent any damaging deposits getting through the pump and into the oil circulation system, in the Mazda 6 2.2 engine there is such a filter located on the bass of the oil pump, this metal type filter prevents any damaging deposits getting through but unfortunately the deposits attach themselves to the filter and eventually block it completely.

When I say deposits I am referring to small pieces of carbon which leak past the fuel injector seals and make there way into the engine oil. The design of some engines make impossible for this to happen but unfortunately the Mazda 6 2.2 Engine has a weak design for its injectors and can even cause them to come lose. Once this happens then combustion gas leaks past the injector seals and can make its way into the engine oil which can eventually lead to carbon deposits forming in the oil. Once the deposits attach them selves to the oil pump filter then the oil pressure slowing starts to reduce and eventually lead to a complete oil starvation to the major engine components.

At Hagans Autos we specialise in rebuilding the Mazda 6 2.2 Engine from the ground up, we can collect your Mazda 6 from any where in the UK , bring it to or Mazda workshop and remove the engine for rebuilding. Your Mazda 6 engine will be fully reconditioned then refitted and your Mazda 6 will be tested for 1 week before returning it to you with 6 Months Warranty on the engine.

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