New Driving Test Being Trialled

As technology has advanced, it has completely changed the automotive industry. Most notably it has helped to improve driver safety and provided a wide range of in-car entertainment that you could once only dream of. However, it isn’t just the actual build of the car that has changed. The way in which we drive has also been influenced by technological advancements. Most recently, driving tests have become the latest thing to undergo a complete overhaul. The UK has been trialling a new version of the driving test since April 2013. So what exactly does it involve and could it spread further to become commonplace?

Understanding the new sat nav driving test

The things learners now have to undergo in their driving test has changed substantially over the past decade. From changing a tyre, to driving in all conditions; learners are really put through their paces in order to ensure they are keeping up with the latest laws and changes in technology. The new driving test currently being trialled includes following sat nav directions.

As reported by the BBC, Grant Ferguson became one of the first people in the UK to pass the new version of the driving test. He was required to follow a route created by the sat nav for 20 minutes. The reason this has been added to tests in the UK is because it is said to better reflect the habits of today’s drivers. You would think sat navs would make driving easier but this move is, in part, to ensure these commonplace systems can be used safely by drivers.

Other notable changes

It isn’t just sat nav directions that have been added to the trialled test. Other notable changes include:

Eliminating reversing around a corner and replacing it with reversing out of a car parking space

Showing how you would operate the latest safety features included in modern vehicles

Pulling into the side of the road and then going back into the flow of traffic

Worldwide variations

Driving tests vary all around the world. It can be interesting to read about the different rules in different countries. CDG Cars has explored some of the most notable differences around the world. For example, did you know that Brazilian learners need to pass a psychological exam before they are able to obtain a license? Meanwhile, in Pakistan learners only need to pass one task and that is to drive through a short course littered with cones. In Mexico, you don’t even need to pass a test; you simply need to buy a license and you can head out on the road.

What about theory tests?

It isn’t just practical driving tests that have changed. Theory tests have also undergone changes over the years. When revising for your theory test it is important to make sure you are using up to date revision materials to practice the latest laws, signs and rules and sharpen up your knowledge with mock tests.

Overall, the way in which we learn to drive is constantly updating and the introduction of the sat nav looks like it may well become an intrinsic part of how we complete our tests. It is highly recommended you do your research before starting to learn in order to see what the latest laws and requirements are. Make use of the internet and get to know everything there is to know about both the practical and theory tests you will need to complete. Don’t be concerned by change – it’s an inevitable as our lives evolve to accommodate the technological advances we enjoy at home and work.

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