Safer driving through better technology

While many people are busy beavering away in offices, there are a host more on the roads driving big powerful vehicles such as tractors, lorries, vans, pick-ups and such like. Being out on the road all hours of the day and night comes with many risks, so it’s essential to make your fleet as safe as possible and technology can assist with this. There are wide ranges of high-tech devices available these days from the likes of Brigade, so let’s take a look at some of them:

Camera monitor systems

Often, large, heavy vehicles have to manoeuvre round tight corners and make their way through extremely narrow spaces. Even the best drivers can struggle with this, which is why camera monitor systems are invaluable as they not only offer the driver a birds-eye, 360 degree of the vehicle and surroundings within a single image, they’re also compatible with all kinds of transport including buses, coaches and waste management vehicles. They can prevent both accident and injury on the road and make the lives of employers a lot easier.

Reversing warning alarms

According to the Health and Safety Executive, nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing. Many other reversing accidents do not result in anyone getting hurt but cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises. With this in mind, why not invest in reversing warning alarms for your fleet with alarms that activate when danger is present alerting the driver to stop? While drivers undergo professional training and do their best to stay safe, it can be easy to overestimate the space you have to manoeuvre and make a mistake, so it’s certainly worth using technology to give you a helping hand.

Ultrasonic obstacle detection

Like reversing warning alarms, ultrasonic obstacle detection systems help alert the driver to potential dangers. Many come with an audible warning, which informs the driver of the distance between vehicle and obstacle minimising both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or objects. As well as protecting staff members, it’s also essential to make sure your company is not putting the public in danger and these ultrasonic systems will enable you to boost business safety in all the right ways.

Mobile digital recording devices

Many councils receive complaints about large vehicles causing damage to parked cars. So, if you’re worried about being accused without just reason, how about investing in a mobile digital recording device? This will keep track of all your actions and prevent you from having to explain yourself out of a sticky situation that wasn’t your fault. The video footage will speak for itself and could save you a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t have to pay out for anything that you didn’t cause. We all run into problems with our  vehicles now and again. A car not starting is one of the most frustrating experiences a driver can have. We have reviewed the best car battery chargers should you ever need an instant jump start.

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