Top 5 Car Roof Boxes

Which car roof box to get? There are so many to choose from. We have reviewed what we believe to 5 of top car roof boxes for sale below. 

  1. Monto Blanc Vista 320-320 Litre Camper Box 

Mont Blanc Vista 320
The roof box is lovable and good for everyone. It got a broad range of reasons that make it awesome. However, its main selling points are the high-quality as well as the low price. Additionally, it is a spacious car roof box.


  • It is compact. By that it can easily be used for extra load space
  • It made of an Asatex plastic that is resistant to U.V
  • Has klick-up hinged struts
  • Has a length of 135cm, a width of 85 cm, and height of 38cm.
  • Has a volume capacity of 320 litres
  • Has a simple fitting with no tools
  • Has loaded securing straps
  • It is secured with clamps (80mm)
  • Includes a lock


  1. Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 Litre

Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 LitreIt is an innovative, foldable car roof box that you can roll up then tuck into your boot at the completion of your journey. It is foldable; therefore, it makes transportation easy. It is also made of a waterproof material, welded seams as well as a sealed zip. The zipper keeps dirt as well as water out. Besides, it protects the load. Again, it includes a practical bag that plays the role of storing the rolled-up box. The car roof box is available in two sizes in a black/silver grey

Main Features

  • Has a foldable roof box that offers easy storage
  • Has a full-scale luggage spacing when utilized.
  • It is foldable to need a minimal or small storage space
  • Has an easy-snap and quick-mount system to provide a secure and fast fitting
  • Has a specially-made bag to store the rolled-up box
  • Has a specification volume capacity of 280 litres
  • Its load capacity is 50kg
  • Has a length of 110cm, width of 80cm, and a height of 40cm


  1. New HUGE 350 LITRE Universal Lockable Car Roof BoxNew HUGE 350 litre Universal Lockable Car Roof

It is no doubt one of the best car roof boxes with high volume capacity. It has an excellent storage space. Additionally, it easily fits on roof tracks. Again, the car roof box is quite secure. Every product has its downsides. Just like any other product, the box has its flaws. One of its clamps is quite difficult to close. Interestingly, it got lots of features to smile about. Below are some of its main characteristics and features.

  • It has a U.V stabilized material that protects the color from fading
  • Has a key lock to enhance security
  • Its aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance as well as noise level
  • Involves a fitting kit to provide a quick and easy attachment to any conventional roof rack.
  • It weighs 11.5kg
  • Has a length of 1300mm, a width of 1000mm, and a height of 365mm
  • It is a black roof box
  • Has a volume capacity of 350 litres


  1. Autoplas Large 415 litre Universal Car Top Mounted Roof Box Black

Autoplas Large 415 litre Universal Car Top Mounted Roof Box Black

More often than not, individuals go for car roof boxes with high volume capacity. If it is more room you are after then this box will definitely appeal to you. The roof box performs everything you need. It provides the best way to gain or get more than enough extra storage space in a car. By that, it is the best suit for each and every family going for a holiday. However, the box comes unbuilt. It requires a little assembly to finish and to put on a car’s roof. It takes a short time, usually a few minutes. To have a good understanding of the roof box.

  • Has a volume capacity of 415 litres
  • Has a load weight of 50kg
  • It involves a fitting kit
  • Its aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance as well as noise level
  • The U.V stabilized material plays a role in protecting the color finish from fading
  • Has a key lock to offer security
  • Has a product dimension of 135cm by 43cm by 100cm


  1. Farad F1 Black Metallic Large 400q Litre Roof Box- Dual Side OpeningFarad F1 Black Metallic Large 400q Litre Roof Box

It is undoubtedly one of the top-notch car roof boxes. However, before buying the roof box, it is important to have a check on its compatibility with your vehicle online. The roof box is the perfect answer for not only medium but also small vehicles thanks to its awesome features. Features include the aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance and the maximum load of 75kg. Besides, it has a double side opening. Below are other features.

  • It has a length of 125cm, a width of 100cm, and a height of 40cm
  • A warranty of five years
  • A double side opening
  • A central lock
  • Has a maximum load of 75kg for cars and 90kg for caravans

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