5 reasons why a honeymoon road trip is a good idea

Planning a wedding is notoriously stressful, as many of us are well aware! So after all the work, organising strategic table plans to separate your feuding family members and dealing with last minute cancellations, what better reward could there possibly be than a honeymoon?

Traditional thoughts of honeymoons conjure up images of relaxing with a cocktail on a sun lounger, but that kind of break isn’t for everyone – road trips can be a fantastic and flexible alternative. Whether you choose something closer to home or decide to get away from it all on a long-haul flight, here we explore five reasons choosing a road trip to celebrate your marriage is a good idea.


  1. New experiences

Choosing a journey neither of you have been on before means you both get to explore something fresh, together. You’re married, so the chances are you’ve been on lots of holidays with one another already  but it’s now time for something a bit different. Plus, by the time you’ve got those rings on your fingers, you know each other inside and out, and a road trip gives you the perfect opportunity to discover lots of exciting things to cherish forever.


  1. Teamwork

This is the perfect opportunity to put into practice the teamwork that convinced you getting married was the right decision in the first place! Share the driving, take it in turns to be chief navigator or car games master, and definitely keep your eyes peeled to spot amazing things to share with each other along the way. It’s also worth assigning someone the role of double checking that the car insurance policy covers the trip, especially if you’re using a money-saving telematics provider.


  1. Get lost!

You’re on your honeymoon, there are no time constraints and you have each other, so what is there to be stressed about? Explore with the freedom of knowing you can pull over and grab a sat nav out of your glove box to get you back on track. Tech is all around us and while it’s nice to escape it sometimes, it’s definitely always a good idea to have a safety blanket close by.


  1. Best of both worlds

Again, whether you decide to go somewhere abroad or choose to stay at home, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. You have so many more options than if you decided to stay in one place. The Guardian recently compiled their readers’ top ten road trip destinations from across the world. One day you could be hiking mountains, getting stuck in and camping under the stars and the next you could be sunbathing on a stunning beach or sharing a bottle of fizz in a jacuzzi. Make sure you plan a few treats for yourselves along the way – it is your honeymoon after all! Most importantly, without the restraint of having one destination to stick to, your options become wide-ranging and far more interesting.


  1. Memories

Just imagine how many memories you’ll have in your locker after this journey of a lifetime! It’s just you, your new husband or wife, your vehicle and the open road – how exciting is that? Take pictures, write a blog or diary or keep an Instagram page updated from time to time and you’ll have all these wonderful experiences to look back on. You’ll also build up an incredible catalogue of stories to share with friends, family, colleagues and even future children and grandchildren.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you take the chance to get out on the open road and unwind. After all, 96% of people surveyed this year agreed that wedding planning is stressful, so enjoy!

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