Become a DIY Repairman and untie all the fun, excitement and thrill tied with it. Repairing a car yourself can be much exciting but at the same time, it calls for safety. In order to Prevent any Chaos, we have some precautions you must take while auto repairing.

What you Need to Know About Garage Safety: 

You can’t simply pick up a screw driver and head towards repairing the vehicle. Even if it can be cheap garage repair. It is imperative to get to all know all the hazards and mishaps which can come across. By having enough information about the possible accidents, you can plan and secure things accordingly.

Even repair shops employ all the safety precautions to keep things smooth. Here we have enclosed some quick points to note and safety measures to ensure while repairing the car.

Avoid smoking near repair area or garage. The petrol, gasoline and compressed gas within vehicles are combustible and can catch fire. Hot ash from cigar or a burning cigarette thrown carelessly can invoke much hazard.

Basic Safety Equipment

Always maintain your work area in neat and clean state. Maintain tool cabinets to keep the garage free of clutter and chaos.

Follow a customized uniform suitable for repair purpose. Avoid rip and torn off attire. Ensure safety gadget all the time. Wear safety goggles and gloves to stay away from aerosol and motor oil damage.

Ear protection is important as well which can be ensured by wearing a work helmet or ear muffs. Disposable particle mask is much essential to wave off the particle emitting from the car from entering the nostrils and damaging windpipe.

Avoid blowing off the dust from the backing plates and calipers with a can of compressed air. Aerosol brake cleaner are safer as a substitute.

Safely Jack up a Car:

It is much important to choose a safe place for jacking up a car. A concrete floor is the best choice. Asphalt floors can get damaged by the jack stand. Always make a nice choice of your tools.

The Aluminum Floor Jack is the best way to lift the car up safely. Do not trust these to support up the car for a longer time. All they rely on are the rubber tubes and pressure game. A minor change in pressure or failing of rubber tube and they will crack down on the way.

Avoid using a substitute for the jack stand. A wooden block or concrete piece can serve the purpose but carry the danger with them.

Do not rely too much on the parking brake in the transmission while working under the car.

Always follow a safe procedure while rising up the car. The one which come with the car packaging is the safest out of all the shortcut video tutorials lying out there. Lift the car from safe jack points and lift it up with the floor jack. Always use the jack stands and car ramps to keep the car lifted up. Place the jack stands right below the jack points and lower the car safely. Shake the car to be sure that it is fixed in the place.

Always follow a safety tip of putting a spare tire beneath the end you are working on. Even if the setting fails, the car will remain lifted from the end of operation which will keep you safe from major injury.

Avoid Injury Provoking Practices:

Never touch the engine when it is in working state. Moving parts and associated components can provoke injury.

Never move underside the vehicle in absence of jack stands or some external support. You must avoid every incidence of unstable vehicle falling off its place.

Consider checking temperature of vehicle before starting the work. The boiling water in radiators can cause severe skin burns. Exhaust system and engine can also cause heat damage if contacted.

Minimize Electrical Hazards:

Disconnect the battery while working with electrical connection and wiring. The current has the potential to circulate even in absence of active engine due to some external energy source.

Ensure fire extinguisher in you work area suitable for catering all types of fire i.e. gas, oil, electrical etc. Any fire related accident can be avoided timely by the extinguisher.

Always remember to remove the key from ignition. Inserted key can cause movement of electric current. Avoid battery related repairs while the key is in ignition switch. If not followed the key safety, the electrical spark or shocks can be the result.

The electric cooling fan underneath car keeps on working till enough dissipation of heat even when key is not in the place. Beware of that.

Stay off Boiling Water:

The next danger point is radiator cap. It has a much high temperature when engine is active for a long time on a hot day. Opening the lid without proper safety can cause boiling water to hit right in your face. Wait to let the pressure drop to zero. Try pouring cool water over radiator.

Manage Fuel Lines:

Fuel lines also demand safety from worker. Few drops remained in the line can catch up fire when exposed to some external heat source. Always clamp off fuel lines while disconnecting the connection.


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