All New Renault Truck Additions At The Intermat Trade Show

The Intermat Show is the ground that Renault Trucks will be showcasing their latest addition to its Construction Ranges. The show will be held in French Capital (Paris) at Paris-Nord Villepinte in April 2015.

At the Renault Stand, the company will highlight their new C XLOAD Concrete Mixer Truck, C 8×4 Tridem Truck and the K Xtrem Truck.


The C&K Range of Trucks

The Company is displaying their range of C and K Construction range vehicles at the Intermat in 20-25th April 2015. Intermat translates to; The International Exhibition of Machinery, Materials and Equipment for the Construction Industry.

The show is a golden opportunity for Renault Trucks to showcase their new line of configured C&K trucks with support services. The availability of the modular options of the two lorry ranges makes it possible for the company to grant construction companies transport solutions designed to bring down operations costs.


The Renault Stand

On the Trade Show stand, Renault Trucks on exhibit include:

•        The C XLOAD Model with unladen weight, allowing builders to load more concrete increasing their productivity and cost efficiency on every trip

•        The C 8×4 XLOAD that comes custom fit with a cement mixer

•        The C 8×4*4 Tridem, whose 4h steering axle brings the turning radius down to 90cm allowing room for more manoeuvrability

The C 8×4*4 Tridem designs is perfect for bodies with heavy loads at the trucks rear such as; a detachable tipper, industrial vacuum unit, platform crane or boom arm.


The Quarry Machine

For quarry activities; the K 8×4 Xtrem truck stands out due to its reinforced Chassis, together with new Option driver Xtrem gearbox that has more resilient mechanics excellent for quarry applications. The K Xtrem comes custom fit with 24” tyres that have been tried, tested and approved for use on such road surfaces.

In all of Europe, Renault Trucks was the first vehicle manufacturer to introduce these kinds of tyres. The tyres also help in the increase of K’s load capacity and obstacle clearing ability. The truck has a higher ground clearance, a greater approach, not forgetting escape angles.


Renault OptiTrack

Renault OptiTrack offers trucks additional temporary pulling power. The lorry comes fit with two hydraulic motors at the front wheel hubs. The system provides temporary all-wheel drive on demand. This technology eliminates conventional all-wheel drive constraints in the following capacities;

•        Loading height

•        Additional Weight

•        Fuel Consumption

•        Maintenance Costs

C Cab 2-3m 6×4, vehicle that adapts to the hauliers carrying needs, conducting a number of building materials deliveries in suburban and urban environments will be on display at the Intermat Trade Show.

The C cab 2-3m 6×4 truck features a standard OptiDriver robotized manual gearbox. The height of the cab and its reduced width enables the driver to have increased manoeuvrability, making it easier and much simpler for the operator to get in and out of it.


Global Expansion

After having deployed its new range of trucks for sale in Europe in 2013-2014 space, The Company has introduced the trucks in the Middle East and Africa. The move will help the company dominate its global presence as a robust lorry manufacturer.

The Intermat Trade Show is on-going, and Renault Trucks is exhibiting its vehicles from 20-25th April 2015 at Hall 6, Aisle C, and Stand O83.  The Company is showcasing their C and K Construction vehicle ranges.

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