Chevrolet Corvette

Conquer the road with the latest advances in Chevy Corvette performance exhaust systems. Whether you’re driving a classic or just purchased the latest model, your Corvette deserves a premium exhaust system. Discover how you can balance power, efficiency and unforgettable sound with these aftermarket performance mods today.

Upgrading Your Muffler

A muffler should be the first stop in any aftermarket exhaust system upgrade. This heavy-duty component provides you with plenty of opportunities to improve the sound and performance of your ride. While your OEM Corvette muffler is an excellent option, you can dramatically improve its performance with an aftermarket upgrade.

Mufflers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it can be difficult to pick the perfect option. Compare each of these features of aftermarket mufflers to determine the best one of your Corvette:

  • Core size
  • Inlet and outlet configuration
  • Body size

Each of these will alter the efficiency, horsepower and sound of your Corvette. If you’re looking for a growl loud enough to attract attention and dominate the road, you want a high-volume muffler with a straight configuration.

Whichever muffler you choose, be sure it fits properly. Your OEM Corvette muffler is designed specifically for your vehicle, and your aftermarket muffler shouldn’t be any different. Select a custom muffler that was created for your particular Corvette for optimal performance and a snug fit.

Replacing Your Catalytic Converter

Many Corvette owners choose to upgrade to performance catalytic converters. There’s two main reasons to upgrade to a premium aftermarket catalytic converter. First, your OEM converter ages and breaks down. This causes inefficient airflow as your converter gets clogged. Second, your stock catalytic converter may not have the optimal design or premium materials necessary to see just what your Corvette can do. An upgraded converter improved airflow and helps increase the horsepower and efficiency of your car.

Don’t be tempted to simply remove your catalytic converter. Not only will this increase your emissions, it’s no longer the best way to achieve maximum fuel economy and horsepower. Recent advances in catalytic converter technology have created converters that offer improved horsepower while still keeping your emissions low.

Fine-Tuning Your Exhaust System

If you’re considering swapping out your muffler and catalytic converter, consider going for an entire exhaust system replacement for your Corvette. A full-package deal not only saves you money, you’ll also enjoy easy installation thanks to matching components. A full exhaust system can give you the race-ready performance your Corvette needs. From short commutes to cross-country road trips, keep your favorite vehicle sounding like a race car and saving you gas money thanks to improved fuel economy.

Finding the Best Deals Online

For the best exhaust systems for cars and trucks, shop online today. You’ll gain access to a diverse range of components and be able to sort them based on a wide range of factors. Look for mufflers and catalytic converters that are compatible with your Chevy Corvette and enjoy great deals, easy shipping and an efficient shopping experience that gives you more time on the road and less time waiting in lines.

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