Caravan Holiday Season Advice

So don’t ask me how it happened but it did, the week that most people plan to take their caravan away on holiday just so happens to be the week that starts off with the sun shining and the skies are blue…to be honest I am dumbfounded simply because we usually get 4 seasons in 1 day in Ireland. But let’s not spend time complaining, instead the Everything Motoring family have decided to put together a quick “Caravan Help and Advice” document so when it comes to that pivotal “do we have everything?” question before going out the door you can be that little more relaxed and enjoy your time off with a little more comfort on your caravan trip!

Question…are you taking your caravan abroad? Yes? Well here are a few things that you might want to double check or look in to before doing so. Make sure your caravan is fully serviced, obvious yes but you would be surprised how many people take the attitude of “sure it’ll be grand, didn’t give us any trouble the last time we were out” – rubbish! All the more reason to service it! Insurance is another thing, get it double checked and that it covers you abroad and that it hasn’t expired! Get a spares checklist put together for yourself. Yes, I know I know, ANOTHER checklist but this one could save you, things like batteries, oil, spare wheels, cables etc. Another “spare” that you might want to bring with you are passport photo’s. As daft as it sounds IF your passport is stolen you are already at a head start to getting it replaced.

Okay so aside going abroad, what else do we need to check here? Well, it might not be a bad idea to go on a test drive before you go on your camping or caravan trip.. Maybe for half an hour or so with your caravan on tow. Get that feeling again of slugging it around on the road with you and also to make sure there are no unwanted “squeaks” coming from places it shouldn’t!

So what else? Well, let’s have a look at the packing – we all have to do it sadly and even if you leave it to someone else you know you are going to double check it! First of all think about distribution. Try to spread out all items across the caravan and not just in 1 place. This keeps the equilibrium of the caravan steady instead of all weight being put in 1 place. Think about the axle of the caravan too. Strategically place all your heavy items on the axle so it gains that little bit more support. Another thing…torches! And then some….and then some more! You can not have enough of these lifesavers! Let someone think you are being paranoid but you can have the last laugh in the light! Lastly get your first aid kit topped up. The last thing you want is an accident and nothing to treat it with or at least temporarily! And if the kids are coming along don’t forget to keep it out of reach!!

Route Planning – check it and check it again! Get in touch with the RAC and the AA, look at local news websites, listen to the radio, check them all just in case that “normal route we take” is now covered in dozers, dumpers, lorries and trucks – I can see the depression settling in already!

Parking time! If, for some unlucky reason, you need to raise your caravan off the ground be sure not to do this where the ground is soft. If it is make sure you put a board down on the jack before raising it off the ground. Spare carpet! What? Bring spare carpet with you? Why in the name of all that is good would I do that? In case your wheels are spinning in the muck! Of course! You never know when our weather takes a turn for the worst and with that weight coming down hard on the wheels of your car the last thing you want is a scene like something out of Dukes of Hazzard with aul “Boss” J D Hogg being covered in muck!

And finally…keep your bits and pieces handy. Little stoves or kettles at hands reach, have 2 containers to carry water around instead of 1 large container (it is much easier to carry) and last but by no means least in the unfortunate event that you lose your wallet or personal goods keep a list of bank and/ or card details separate “just in case”.

Why are you still sitting there? Ahhh, I see, you haven’t got yourself a used caravan or a used motorhome yet? Well then why not check out our pages right here and get “moving”, our caravans for sale NI and motor home sales companies are stretched across Ireland and Northern Ireland, go have a nosey by clicking here.