Dealership or Online – where is best to get your car?

Today, most dealerships have an internet sales department where customers are invited to negotiate deals from the comfort of their home or office. There is now easy access to new online tools, highlighting the manufacturer’s recommended trade-in values, expert ratings, recent transactions, incentives, retail price and even user reviews.

While it is technically reasonable to buy a car online, visiting the dealership may as well be vital. This is because taking a test drive is an integral part of the car-buying process. Although you might find a lot of exciting reviews, it is difficult to know how you will feel about the vehicle until you take some time behind the wheel.


Why Leasing is better than Buying

You don’t have to buy a new car to get a new ride. Leasing means you incur lower monthly payments. Initially, leasing was specifically designed for corporate car customers but is now open to anyone with good credit. Leasing allows you to trade as often as you can get a new cell phone. Each time you buy a car, you cover the entire purchase price. You have the choice to pay for it in cash or finance and pay the interest incurred on the loan.

When you lease, you only get to pay for the difference in the negotiated price and the expected value of the car. With a lease, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment, meaning you don’t have to be stuck with a car you don’t like. You also don’t have to pay for major repairs. With a lease, all major mechanical malfunctions that fall under the warranty of the manufacturer are covered for you. At the start, many car leases require a security deposit.

The deposit covers any damage caused to the leased car. If the car is returned free of damage, you are entitled to the entire security deposit. Most leases also include an acquisition fee that is charged on every vehicle lease by a bank. It is often rolled into the down payment.


Reasons why Dealers are more Trustworthy than Online Leasing

When leasing a car, one of the questions to consider is whether to do it online or at a dealership. Car dealers tend to have more options at your disposal, allowing you to see and touch your preference. You get many extras at the dealership, most of which you can have installed instantly. With a dealer, you also get to enjoy tax write-offs. Once you are done with your vehicle, you can return it to the dealer to handle the hassle of selling the car.

However good online shopping is, it is vital to be there in person while you make your purchase. You get to meet knowledgeable salespeople who help in evaluating different cars. As the buyer, you get firsthand information on the cars being leased. More so, the dealership gives you the chance to test drive. While at the dealership, nothing beats the need to know a car more than a test-drive. Leasing a car is a big deal. Using available resources can help get you the vehicle you want.

If you do decide to go to a physical dealership be on the look out for the typical salesman antics. Check out this article which covers various car salesman memes with a good dose of humour.

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