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So the summer is nearly over and we are moving in to Autumn in a matter of weeks and maybe you get that sudden urge to clean up the patio or the decking or even the motors after a summer of abuse before getting the oil in the tank, the garden furniture covered for the year or even fill up the grit box! But here’s the problem…when you go to get the power washer it packs in or worse, you haven’t got one! Below is a simple guide of what to look out for when buying pressure washers in Northern Ireland or pressure washers in Ireland.

I suppose the first thing we need to point out here is the handiness the common power washer provides that is taken for granted, things like garden, decking, patio, stonework, drains, cars, furniture – if there is dirt on it these washers will make short work of it. Before buying though think about what you are using your pressure washer for. If it is for simple jobs like cleaning down drains or your garden furniture for example then you wouldn’t need to go to the expense of buying a high powered pressure washer however if you are using it to clean your driveway or decking etc then something with a little more kick may be necessary! Ideally buying something that lets you adjust your pressure is perfect. Here are a few other things to look our for when buying your pressure washer:


Something that gives 400 litres per hour – this suggests a good water flow in to your power washer.

Plenty of long leads, the last thing you want is to be connecting and disconnecting your power washer all the time.

Pressure washers can be heavy to hog around so something with wheels is worth a shout.

Auto start/ stop motors help reduce wear on the motor.

Aim for a pressure washer with a variable lance, this will let you adjust between low pressure and high pressure because you know once you start everything is going to get hit by water by the end of the day so this adjustment can save any damage to delicate items in your spray range!

Remember, once all is said and done you are going to store this away again in your garage so consider the size of your washer and your storage space.

The strength of a pressure or power washer is measured by a measurement called “bar”. There are really 3 main bar washers, 100 bar, 110 bar and 120 bar – obviously the higher the number the more pressure. You can also use detergent or chemicals when cleaning which can come with some pressure washers or can be attached manually. This will mix with the water flow once you begin. There are additional accessories you can get for your power washer such as cleaning agents, longer hose pipes and brush attachments. As regards to certain makes of pressure washers you are safe with Karcher Pressure Washers, Nilfisk Pressure Washers, Bosch Pressure Washers, Hozelock Pressure Washers and Clarke Pressure Washers or for the more industrial washers Loncin Pressure Washers and Honda Pressure Washers is what you want.

As working with power or pressure washers is obviously hazardous due to working with electric and water please keep in mind the following safety measures and precautions:


It is not a giant water pistol.

Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your model.

Does the socket outlet come with or have RCD protection? It needs to!

Try, as much as it can be difficult, to keep your cables dry and always watch them in case they are sitting in an awkward position.

Protective clothing as in goggles, footwear, gloves etc.

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