hiring or leasing a van

Most of us can’t do without a vehicle at our disposal round the clock. Depending on public transport is difficult unless one lives in a big city which boasts of frequent bus/train service. One might also opt for public transport if there are car problems or if one has just relocated to a new place and yet to get wheels. There could be any number of reasons for one to rent one instead of buying – short duration of stay, holiday rentals or just opting for temporary wheels when you are between cars among others. In such cases, it makes sense in hiring or leasing a car or van and not waste good money in getting a car for a short duration.

Of course, one cannot blindly go in to hire a car either. There are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind. While the concept of hiring a car sounds easy there are these smaller, never-ending details that can get one down. It pays, therefore, to do be prepared for all inevitable hassles as well as official details before you zero down on the car you need or want. Ask around your friends, family and colleagues for some helpful pointers if possible. Else you can simply connect with professional agencies and ask for advice. Either ways there are some basic steps to keep in mind and act upon.

Hiring or leasing a car or van – A few tips –

·         Tip #1 – Research – The first step is to the right decision is of course background work. The easiest way to start your research is to go online and search for the leading dealerships from where you can hire a car. You can also look up the local directories if you have them handy with you. This will also help you deciding on the make and size since you will have an exhaustive catalogue right before you while you browse through.

·         Tip #2 – Dealer/Brand – You have the option to choose from a branded dealership – like Ford, Volkswagen or a  Renault etc. or opt for a dealer who houses multiple brands. If you have strong loyalty for any automobile brand then the former is good for you, else you can browse through multiple makes and brands with the latter option.

·         Tip #3 – Price – Next consideration is the price and this is by far the most important one. Make a budget depending on your current finances and stick to it. Tell your dealer the price or the near-about range you have in mind. This will significantly narrow down the search and help you get to the right decision without too much time being wasted.

·         Tip #4 – Duration – While you are looking for the right car try and gauge the approximate time or duration for which you will need one. No matter what the make or the size is, duration makes a lot of difference. If you want it for a week it will cost an X amount, but if you need it for a month then you could just end up with a bulk hire discount and save tons.

·         Tip #5 – Utility – Make sure you are clear on why you need the car, the maximum purpose it will serve before hiring or leasing a car or used vans . If it is just about going from point A to point B then any car would do. But if your work entails lots of tools and cargo, or if you have a big family, have lots of luggage etc. then you will probably have to opt for a van or SUV.

Keeping all these criteria in mind will help you decide on the car more easily.

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