installing exhaust motorcycle

As beautiful as your bike was when you first got it, there’s nothing wrong with looking into some upgrades. Some simple and cost effective upgrades can improve the performance of your bike as well as make your bike more attractive. Air filters and motorcycle light kits can help you take your ride to the next level, while a custom exhaust can give you some souped-up power. More than anything else, a custom and high quality exhaust system can improve the fuel efficiency of your bike. In addition to that your riding experience can be much better with a high quality exhaust system. That’s why; an exhaust system is one of the most common upgrade to any motorcycle.  Here are the steps to installing a replacement.

  1. Remove the Current Exhaust

Before you can install your new exhaust system, you must take off any OEM motorcycle parts. Loosen the bolts to carefully remove each component, starting with the muffler. Pay attention to how each piece fits together; you’ll be putting the new exhaust on in reverse. Be extra careful when removing the components to ensure you don’t damage anything.

  1. Layout the New Exhaust

With motorcycle aftermarket parts, you have lots of options, so choose one that will work well for your bike. It depends on the model and size of your bike. Lay out all the pieces and make sure you’re familiar with each component and how they fit together.

  1. Position the Manifolds

Fit the new manifolds over the ports and screw them in loosely. If you install it too tightly at this point, you’ll have trouble attaching the rest of the components. You can tight all the screws later once all the components are attached to the bike.

  1. Install the Exhaust Pipes

The next step is to put the exhaust pipes into place, along with the header. With everything together, tighten up the pieces so they’re secure. Apply exhaust sealant to keep air from escaping through the gaps.

  1. Attach the Muffler

The last part to go on is the muffler. This should fit nice and snug. You can add more sealant if it feels too loose.

  1. Check for Leaks

Let the sealant set for a half hour or so, and then start the engine. Double check all your seals to make sure they’re air tight. If everything feels good, then you’re all set.

Your custom exhaust will be a product of your own blood, sweat and tears. Enjoy your rides on your bike more with a new exhaust system and spend less in fuel as it significantly lessen the fuel consumption of your motorcycle. Browse aftermarket parts to pick the right upgrade for your bike. There can be so many useful parts and upgrades that can improve the look and performance of your motorbike. You can find all kinds of bike related things on Bike Bandit as it is one of the most popular bike part websites available online.

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