Why You Should Invest In A New ‘18’ Plate Vehicle

Are you keen to get your hands on a vehicle with the latest ‘18’ plate registration plate? In the UK, the 1st March saw the release of the new registration plates and car dealers up and down the country are hoping for better sales than 2017, where new car sales dropped 5.7% to 2.54 million. Yes, purchasing a shiny, new, state of the art vehicle can cost a fair bit, but the benefits and reliability of buying new are things that money just can’t buy. And, with financing a vehicle in 2018 being easier than ever, here’s why you should be purchasing a brand new ‘18’ plate vehicle.


Manufacturer’s warranty

When buying new, you get the luxury of a great smelling and looking car, free from any scuffs, dents and scratches, but, even better than that, your new vehicle will come with a warranty that gives you peace of mind for years. It’s not just a measly one or two years warranty you’ll get with your new ‘18’ plate vehicle, either, as manufacturers are providing some great deals when you buy one of their models. Kia top the market, offering an amazing 7 year warranty, while, Toyota and Hyundai offer buyers 5 years.


Forget the annual MOT

MOTs are a big worry for car owners. First, there’s the remembering the expiry date of your existing MOT, then there’s the worry as you wait to hear back whether it’s passed or failed. And, if it has failed, there’s the mad rush to find the money and the time to get repairs completed and the car retested before it’s too late. A brand new ‘18’ plate vehicle puts an end to all of that as when you purchase a new, you haven’t got to worry about arranging an MOT for three years. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy your new wheels until 2021.


Safety and reliability

New vehicles are put through excessive testing before being released for sale to the general public. They also come packed full with the latest technology and safety features, making them some of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road. In The States, 37,461 people sadly died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016, according to a leading legal representative for injured road victims, while, the UK government reports 1,792 deaths during the same time period. Although America’s vehicle registrations don’t operate in the same manner as the UK’s, buying a brand new vehicle is still a top priority wherever in the world you are. Furthermore, these statistics are enough to show that the population should be travelling in vehicles with high safety specifications, such as those found in the latest vehicles on sale.

Car enthusiasts are excited about the release of the latest registration plate vehicles as there are numerous benefits to be had by heading to your local forecourt and seeking out the newest model.

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