Iveco Eurocargo Named International Truck of the Year 2016

Industrial Vehicles Corporation (IVECO) is a renowned Italian name in the manufacturing of commercial vehicles and trucks for sale (light-heavy), buses for city and intercity transportation, construction site vehicles, and defense vehicles. They have been in business since 1975.

The company first appeared as a merger of German, Italian, and French brands, and later the company evolved to be one of the industry giants in vehicle manufacturing with a wide portfolio. IVECO sells trucks which are categorized as light, medium, and heavy weight. The medium ones weigh up to 7 to 19 tons with 4×4 drive, and this includes the very famous Eurocargo.

IVECO has been known for its corporate social responsibility and economically friendly operations and these are few of the reasons the brand has never failed to satisfy the vast industry requirements along with keeping up with its reputation.

The International Truck of the Year

IVECO’s Eurocargo has been awarded one of the most sought-after awards in the vehicle industry, the International Truck of The Year 2016. With the European commercial vehicle journalists choosing Eurocargo as the top performer, it has given solid reasons to earn the position as well.

This medium duty truck by IVECO has raised the benchmark for the upcoming products in the category when it comes to efficiency and quality of the vehicle. The Eurocargo has been labeled as ‘The Truck That The City Likes’ for the various reasons it has evidently portrayed in front of the jury (which is delighted by its 12 months performance and quality).

According to the chairperson of the jury (the commercial vehicle journalists from all across  Europe), Gianenrico Griffini, IVECO’s Eurocargo has set a benchmark — a very high one — which was set for 25 years of performance and efficiency.

The IVECO’s brand Eurocargo had cut throat competition in the form of Renault Truck’s C&K (which secured the second position) and a Ford truck (which secured the third position). The criteria were set for efficiency and the truck that has proven to be the best throughout the year has been rightly adjudicated as the winner for the contest.

Not only this, IVECO’s Eurocargo has set standards that seem to be difficult for truck manufacturers to meet in the near future. These standards are based on road safety, fuel economy, comfort, and cost of ownership.

No doubt it was a tough competition out of which Eurocargo with its focus on quality and dedication secured the award for ‘International Truck of The Year’ according to Mr. Pierre Lahutte, who has high aspirations for the future. He is right in having such expectations, because this generation of trucks has already got half a million sales in Europe.

What Makes Eurocargo Stand Apart From the Competition?

Having known about the prestigious award, it would be an interesting idea to look at what sets IVECO’s Eurocargo apart from its highly energetic competitors.

Technical Innovation

One of the most important criteria set for the participants of the ‘International truck of the Year Award 2016’ was technical innovation. Eurocargo outsmarts its competitors in technological advancement with its high-end design and city-friendly contours. This makes it easier to understand its focus on multi-drop distributions.

The design on the vehicle meets functionality in this medium segment truck brand. The bumper provides access to clean the windshield, and with a UV filter screen, the windscreen protects against the harmful effects of the scorching sun.


Comfort is taken to a whole new level by IVECO’s Eurocargo. With climate control, lights (Daytime LED Lamp too), the truck takes a lead in comfortable vehicles. The interior of the truck is what looks like a mobile office with compartments for documents, cards, and files – it makes it easy for the driver to manage the folders and necessary files with each order.

It also can accommodate a laptop, has USB connectors, workspace (upper deck needs to be opened for it) and adjustable driver’s seat with backrest and seat belt makes the experience too comfortable (why else all 25 members of the jury drove it). The central console of the vehicle can be connected with your smartphone or tablet to ease navigation through difficult routes. It has a touch screen display which makes messaging and navigation way too simple.


Safety is one of the fundamentals to watch out for when manufacturing trucks and setting them free on roads allowing them to run through busy traffic areas and dangerous spots. This is one factor that can never be compromised upon (all the others are equally important too, but this one wins another award).

The new safety feature in Eurocargo is the steering wheel airbag which prevents accidents turning fatal for the drivers saving their head and face from serious injury. The improved driver assistance system is there in order to ensure safety to the driver and the passersby.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) helps avoid accidents to a great extent in case the driver is distracted. Also, the system of Eurocargo detects the distance of the vehicle in front and calculates the approximate proximity to know how much it would take to collide, and thus the system jumps into action for safety measures.


Smooth vehicles that provide steadiness of acceleration are important to be noted in vehicles – especially those dealing with heavy/ medium duty goods. Whether it is deliveries or work at construction site, IVECO has a renowned brand name for coming up with efficient vehicles – vehicles that are high on drivability despite the longevity of routes or quality of the roads.

Eurocargo enjoys access to restricted areas even at night time due to its smooth structure and the fact that natural gas Eurocargo vehicles make almost no sound (perfect for night time urban jobs). The European journalists who had enjoyed driving the Eurocargo claim that the advanced features of its driveline are apt at providing drivability to the driver along with saving fuel consumption.

Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption is a matter of grave concern in this hyperinflationary era where fuel prices spike by day and night. The Eurocargo wins over the competition on these grounds as well against its competitors, by providing a super-eco version that helps save the fuel and works on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to avoid diesel consumption and have a low adverse impact on the environment.

Environmental Footprint

The Eurocargo works on environmental sustainability by consuming CNG instead of diesel. Also, this is the type of fuel commonly available thus it makes it easy to fetch at any time at any place where the truck may be.

Cost of Ownership

All could have been achieved but had there been high costs associated with it, the International Truck of the Year 2016 title would have probably gone to someone else.  IVECO’s Eurocargo helps save up to 5% on total cost of ownership thus making it feasible for the customers seriously interested in the purchase. The design and structure of the truck also improves its residual value..

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