Road Trip

Whether you’re visiting a relative, catching up with friends or you’re just heading off towards the sunset, there’s nothing more exciting that a road trip. Images of incredible scenery, windows rolled down, your friends feet up on the dashboard, starry skies and the music turned all the way up – its sounds idyllic right? While it’s true that road trips are fun and a wonderful experience to have with friends, in order to have one that is comfortable and potentially issue free you need to plan ahead. 

Forget the spontaneous road trips you see in the movies, check out these 6 road trip essentials. 

A well planned route

Getting lost is all part of the adventure, right? Well, as fun as it sounds, getting lost can really ruin your trip. Tempers flare, everyone gets stressed and before you know it, nobody is having fun. Planning your route means that you can drive with confidence and you’re less likely to get into an accident – click here for a Savannah car accident lawyer – it also means you can plan your stops, you know where you’ll be sleeping and you can actually enjoy your experience more.

Some comfy clothing

Remember you’re going to be bunched up in the car for a few hours between stops, so make life easier for yourself and let your skin breathe. Choose comfortable clothing that you can move freely in and clothing that will keep you warm – the temperature can drop fast when you’re driving at night – if you’re taking it in turns to drive and you’re going to take a nap, a warm hoody with a hood you can pull over your eyes will be ideal.

Your glasses, contacts/solution

Driving in contacts is fine, but after so many hours of wear they can become dry and irritable. Make sure you bring contact solution so you can cleanse and re hydrate your lenses. Your glasses are an absolute must, so you can give your eyes a break. And don’t forget your sunglasses!

USB phone charger

Using your phone to take photos, play music or use as a GPS will certainly drain your battery. So, be smart and bring a USB phone charger so you can charge your phone on the road. You can pick one up pretty cheap online.


Do I even need to add this? Listening to the radio can get a little monotonous, and when stations fuzz in and out it can get a little tedious. Instead, create a playlist that you can play directly from your phone. Fill it with tunes that you can help but sing along to!

Water and healthy snacks

There’s nothing greater than picking up some junk food at every gas station you stop at, but all that processed sugar high fat content will leave you feeling a little sluggish and grumpy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated on the road, and punctate your junk food with some fruit or something with minerals and vitamins in it! 

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