Most Common Reasons for Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Cars are an incredible invention, and while they are certainly one of the most significant advancements we have seen in our civilization, they do come with a variety of risks.

Car crashes can cause some of the most fatal accidents, and most of the time, they can be easily prevented. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common causes of these accidents and how we can all work together to stay safe on the roads.

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Distracted driving is the number one cause of car crashes in the United States, and when you look at the statistics, you’ll certainly be shocked. According to one recent study, 85% of cell phone owners say that they use them occasionally while driving, and this quadruples the risk of crashing. When comparing it to drinking and driving, reaction speed is slowed down by 38%, so it’s easy to see why it causes so many accidents.

Other common distractions that you should try to avoid include eating, disruptive passengers, daydreaming, applying makeup, and dealing with pets in the backseat.


Drunk Driving

While drunk driving is a serious crime in countries all over the world, you would be surprised at how many people still take to the wheel when they are intoxicated. This is because they believe that they are unaffected and can still make sound decisions. However, even without showing symptoms, alcohol can significantly reduce your ability to concentrate and, of course, lessons your reaction speed. To prevent this from occurring, it’s simple… don’t drink and drive! Order an Uber, a Taxi, or pick someone to be a designated driver for the night.


Reckless Behaviour

Tailgating, spinouts, and turning corners too quickly, all of these things fall under the reckless driving category. It can also be partnered with “aggressiveness,” which causes over 50% of fatal collisions, according to Like drunk driving, reckless behavior is easy to prevent. Follow the road rules, be aware of your surroundings, and make smart decisions on the road. Trying to be cool or losing yourself when you get angry is just going to end you up in a lot of trouble.



While speeding can be somewhat linked to reckless behavior because some individual may not realize they have passed the limit, it is put under its own section. It is known as the second most common cause of car accidents and can result in many fatal crashes. In most circumstances, individuals speed because they fear they are running late or don’t believe it is necessary to follow the limits. However, these road rules are there for a reason, so make sure you follow the signs in order to prevent these kinds of crashes.


Poor Weather Conditions

Snow, rain, sleet, wind, and hail can dramatically affect one’s driving, which is why it is essential that we learn how to drive in certain conditions. You might find it more challenging to control the vehicle or be unable to see the road clearly. The best way to avoid these types of accidents is to drive slowly and monitor the conditions. Use your headlights and ensure there is a safe distance in front of you and other vehicles. In severe situations, avoid driving altogether.


Car Flaws

Another common cause of accidents is when your car may be defective in some way. It could be that your tires are unsafe, or that there is an issue in the car mechanics itself. In order to prevent crashes caused by car flaws, it’s vital that you attend regular service appointments and speak about possible flaws at the location you bought the vehicle, for example, Chevrolet Dealers in Utah. This way, they can identify any issues and replace the necessary parts accordingly.


Night Driving

Fatigue is another dangerous side effect of driving and is especially worse during the night time. Even just a second of falling asleep at the wheel can result in a horrific accident. The dark can also come with other risks, as you unable to see the road properly and various wildlife are out and about. In order to prevent these accidents, take frequent breaks when out on the road, and don’t drive if you are feeling tired. It might set you back a few hours but may just save your life.


Inexperienced Drivers

Inexperienced drivers can also cause accidents on the road, as they do not know how to drive correctly in certain conditions. This is why learner drivers and those that have just received their license are observed more by law enforcement, then those that have been driving for a long time.

If you are an inexperienced driver, make sure you read up on the road rules, and practice driving in various conditions with an experienced individual. If you are already experienced, make sure to take extra care when driving around those that are not.


Road Defects

Another cause for car crashes are defects in the road and environment itself. When the road is unstable, or construction is going on, it can be challenging to control your vehicle. This can cause you to run off the road or hit another vehicle. To avoid this, make sure to read any construction road signs, and slow down if you feel that the road is bumpy or uneven. Being vigilant is most important here.



Lastly, in more rural areas, wildlife on the road can be considered one of the most significant causes of accidents. In a study done by the CDC, deer were found to cause 9/10 car-animal accidents. However, other culprits include bears, squirrels, cows, dogs, and raccoons. If you are in an animal prone area, say vigilant during sunset/sunrise hours, and use your headlights. Remember that you shouldn’t swerve in the other lane, as this can cause a crash with another vehicle. It’s better to drive slowly, as the impact will be minimal for both your vehicle and the animal.


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