Leasing with Vantage comes with all sorts of benefits. Their personal leasing deals make choosing and driving a brand new car effortlessly straightforward and surprisingly affordable. There are, however, a few standout benefits. The one that their clients often find the most attractive is the clean and simple payment plan.

Whilst other ways of getting a brand new car can come with heavy loans and heavier debts, long-term commitments and worries, the personal leasing deals that Vantage offers are refreshingly simple.

What’s the difference with Vantage Leasing?

When speaking with their clients, they found that what many of them appreciated most was being able to pay a steady and predictable fee each month without having to worry about unpredictable expenses. What they also found is that this steady predictability couldn’t come soon enough, and additional start-up costs could sometimes be off-putting. So they introduced a range of Pay Nothing Upfront deals, giving clients the option to choose a deal and get going without any other unexpected payments.

How a Pay Nothing Upfront leasing deal could help you

The Pay Nothing Upfront deals from Vantage Leasing offer just what the name suggests – you begin paying an agreed monthly fee, and continue to do so until the end of the contract. No extra costs, no surprises.

This is extremely helpful when it comes to managing cashflow both long- and short-term. In the long-term, you know exactly what you’ll have to pay each month for the duration of the contract. This means you can plan your finances ahead of time, and keep your savings aside for other things. In the short-term, a Pay Nothing Upfront deal means that, quite simply, you pay nothing upfront and agree only to a fixed monthly fee. Your savings are safe from initial set-up costs and processing fees, and you can get on with making only predictable predetermined payments from the very beginning of the contract.

Vantage Leasing currently offers Pay Nothing Upfront lease deals on models to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles. The current lineup includes the following varied cars:

Volkswagen Scirocco, a sporty three-door compact coupe with a 1.4L petrol engine, a wholly redesigned exterior, room for four people and inexpensive running costs to boot. The Scirocco is ideally suited to city drivers and is offered at Pay Nothing Upfront rates from £169.91 per month.
Range Rover Velar, a chunky five-door automatic 2.0L diesel SUV, released brand new in 2017 and delivering an entirely unique design language amongst the Range Rover family.
The Velar is made for business and family drivers alike, tackling motorways and muddy fields with equal ease. It is available on a Pay Nothing Upfront deal from £426.24 per month.
Jaguar F-Type, a premium automatic 2.0L petrol coupe, with room for one passenger and space enough for a weekend’s kit in the rear.

The F-Type is a sports driver’s dream, and comes on a Pay Nothing Upfront deal from £494.94 per month.

To find out more about the offers available, first check out Vantage Leasing’s Special Offers page. If you have any further questions, you can give them call on 0161 434 4321.

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