Preventing Car Theft

Car theft is a crime that is one of the biggest nuisances that can face a community especially if it happens in multiple areas. Most people assume that car parks are secure and safe places to leave their vehicle unattended but there are some individuals who will try to grab a vehicle and take it for a joyride no matter who the car belongs to or what the consequences may be.

Generally, Ireland has low car theft rates in comparison to many other Western countries but precautions are still needed in large urban areas. There are some useful things that can be done to reduce the chances of your car being stolen such as:

Hide any valuables. Like in most thefts, robbers are looking for valuable items that they can get their hands on. Sometimes, this might be the car itself but a lot of thieves will also look for expensive items such as laptops, cameras and satellite navigation systems which can be worth a lot of money, check out for more information. Therefore, if you decide to leave your valuables inside, make sure they are well hidden and out of eyeshot. It can be just putting them inside the glovebox or covering them with a jacket or other blank materials but having no visible valuables will detract attention from your car.

Park in a busy well lit area. Sometimes, it’s not what is inside the car that attracts trouble but where it is parked. If a vehicle is left at the back of a shop or factory where there is no one around and it is dark, it is the perfect place for thieves to slip in without any notice and take it without much fuss.  The safest option is to park the car in a place which is either fairly busy or at least well lit at all times. Lights and people are two major deterrents to thieves who won’t take the risk of being identified and will stay clear of the car if other people or vehicles are nearby.

Always check your car is secure before leaving it. This might seem like an obvious action to do but it is surprising how many people actually forget to check that they have their keys or that the doors are locked once they get out of the car. If the door is left open or the keys are left in the ignition, it is an open invitation for criminals to hop inside and get away within seconds. Therefore, always double check that you have your keys and that the doors are locked properly to ensure that the car is adequately protected when you get out.

It only takes a minute to check that everything is in order and that your car is properly protected against criminals who are looking for a free joyride.

In the unfortunate event your vehicle is broken into, your insurance should cover window replacements, body damage repair, and even the contents of your vehicle.