What Are The Pro’s and Con’s For Motability Vehicles?

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Motability vehicle in Ireland and Northern Ireland

To most of us, driving a car is a skill that becomes second nature to us and something that we can do with ease. However, for disabled drivers, getting behind the wheel is one of the most difficult tasks that they can do on a day to day basis. After all, most ordinary production cars are not designed for handicapped users and lack aides or features that might help make driving a lot easier for the disabled.

To try and make life easier, driving charity Motability has created vehicles that have been specially adapted to make driving less of a chore and more of a pleasure. The scheme has been around for over 35 years and has been supported by dealerships across the country making it one of the biggest automotive charities in the UK. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of entering into the scheme?

One of the big plus sides about the scheme is that whenever someone receives a car, it is a brand new model that has come purpose built from the factory. Many dealers in towns and cities are registered to the scheme so finding a suitable car is usually a quick and simple process. Once the car is chosen, the driver completes an order form and then the car is ordered.

Alongside that, the brand new car also comes with a host of driver aids to help overcome any problems that a driver may face. These aides can range from simple controls for someone with physical disabilities such as custom brake or accelerator controls to more advanced support structures such as an automatic wheelchair lift. These add-ons aren’t mandatory but can be chosen as and when a driver may need them.

But before you go rushing into getting the scheme, there are some things that need to be considered about Motability schemes. Firstly, each lease is generally on a 3 year basis and limit to a 60,000 mile total over that time period. Whilst this may be more than enough for most people, anyone who does find themselves going over the total mileage will find themselves having to pay for every extra mile that they covered.

On top of that, drivers will also find themselves having to pay for any modifications that are being put onto the car. Some of these accessories can be expensive to hire for the 3 year period so drivers will need to calculate and work out the costs of having these installed on to the car itself. However, Motability does have schemes which can help partially fund modifications for drivers who meet certain criteria.

As long as the driver is aware of the costs and conditions involved in getting a car through Motability, then it certainly can be a helpful scheme to get disabled drivers back on the road. EverythingMotoring.com has dealerships throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland that are licensed by Motability and provide cars for disabled drivers.

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