Review of Massey Ferguson Top 10 Tractors

Massey Ferguson is a colossal company that has been dealing with farm equipment for a hundred and fifty years all across the world. The company was founded in Ontario, Canada in a modest tool shed and ever since then it has been catering to the farming requirements of its customers. Presently Massey Ferguson is a part of the AGCO Corporation. The company deals in a diverse range of farming equipment with a particularly large clientele in the European market.

In this article, we will review some of the finest tractors from one of the best tractor manufacturers in the world.

MF 5600 Series Mid-Range Tractors

The 5600 possesses a fuel efficient, ground-breaking 3 cylinder engine with incredible power and torque output. Their engine is extremely efficient and greener with negligible exhaust emissions. The automatic control has been improved to select neutral whenever the brake is hit easing the operation of the loader. The tractor displays carefully planned out ergonomics. The cab is designed in such a way that:

The visibility is better

It is more spacious

Has heating and ventilation systems inside the cab

Several other facilities to reduce fatigue for comfortable operation

MF 6600 Series Mid-Range Tractors

These tractors deliver better performance in the mid range. The ergonomics, maneuverability and visibility all are exceptional. These are available in 3 models rated at 145, 150 and 160 HP. The customers can choose from a variety of CVT options. The advanced electronics inside the tractor also allow the customers to benefit from an auto steering option.  These tractors are quiet as compared to others in the class with lower noise levels.

MF 7600 Series Row Crop Tractors

This series comes with the following innovative mechanisms to facilitate you on a long productive day at fields:

Automatic Steering which provides guidance to prevent overlapping in precise applications like spraying, planting and bedding etc.

Integrated multifunction joystick

Highly advanced Continuously Variable Transmission

Meeting the modern emission standards and providing a better fuel economy, these outclass tractors brag a nine model range. The CVT is capable of producing more power in case of power hungry PTO (Power Take Off) applications.

MF 7700 Series Row Crop Tractors

The five-model series has power ranging from 185 HP to 225 HP, offering a more powerful and enhanced substitute for the 7600 Series. Farmers will discover that these tractors have adequate hydraulic capacity to drive a 16 row planter, effortless loader operation and sufficient strength to take care of a large square baler. Powered by 6 cylinder diesel engines, these tractors have innovative mechanisms that are similar to the 7600 Series:

A variable CVT

A simplified guidance system

Multifunctional joystick

MF 8700 Series Row Crop Tractors

This particular series has a five-model range with 270 to 370 maximum engine HP. Powered by AP84-4 engines these tractors call for a better service interval that is approximately 100 hours more than previous models. The hydraulics has also been upgraded to higher levels so that growers are able to take on any incumbent task upon them quite easily.

The overall ergonomics facilitate the growers with incredible facilities like:

An adequate armrest that makes the controlling of  hydraulics and PTO easy

Bright set up screen with greater resolution

Comfortable seating

MF 4600 Series Utility Tractors

This series comprises of three models, all powered by a 3 cylinder turbo charged AGCO power diesel engine. The fuel efficiency is greater because of the four valve design which allows the air and fuel to mix in appropriate ratio for complete ignition. These tractors may get noisy but their overall performance is great. The hydraulic power is sufficient for the loader and a 3 point hitch that is capable of lifting a respectable amount of weight.

All in all these tractors are dependable and great for utility work with a wide variety of implements.


MF 2700E Series Utility Tractors

The series has 2 models powered by a 4 cylinder liquid cooled engine capable of delivering 49 and 57 HP. The tractors can tackle a large variety of implements to perform a variety of tasks like rotary cutting and loader work and the three point hitch is capable of lifting heavy weights better than most of the competition.

MF 1700E Series Economy Compact Tractors

With three models in the series, these tractors come with an electronically managed 3 cylinder diesel power engine rated at 24, 34 and 38.5 HP. The three point hitch has sufficient lifting capacity. Customers have the choice for selecting two types of gear systems:

Traditional constant mesh mechanical gear transmission

3 range hydrostatic transmission which is ideal for loader operation

A simply great feature of these tractors is the incredible factory warranty period. The company seems to have complete faith in this series.

MF 1700 Series Premium Compact Tractors

This series consist of 6 models having engines rated at power ranges from 36.2 to 59 HP. These compact tractors come with the largest engine in its class which makes an efficient use of HP and dual bucket cylinders. These tractors are best for applications like construction band landscaping, specialty and horse farms. A variety of implements are present with these:

Compact Backhoes

Grading Scrapers

Disc Harrows

Rear Blades

Rear Discharge Finish Mowers


GC 1700 Series Sub-Compact Tractors

The series provides for better than great ergonomics and comes with an integrated joystick loader control and a variety of implements like:

Landscape rakes

Rear Discharge Finish Mowers

Sub Compact and Compact Loaders

Rear Blades

The 3 cylinder diesel engine can be relied upon for years of good service. The series produces power ranging from 22.5 HP (GC1705 & GC 1710) to 25 HP (GC 1715 & GC 1720) which gives these tractors an edge over other sub compact tractors.