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To truly have a stylish driving holiday, renting a luxury car is essential to make that journey unforgettable. Afterall, a great trip isn’t just about getting from A to B, it’s about everything in between, and hiring your dream car can be just that thing to make your next holiday the best one yet.

Without a doubt Italy is one of the best countries for a luxury driving holiday. Home to some of the most stunning landscapes, you can drive from alpine mountains to rolling vineyards in Tuscany, or along the rugged Amalfi Coast, stopping to enjoy some of the best Mediterranean food. With a luxury car company like Driverso, you could be doing this in the utmost style. Imagine picking up a luxury sports car in Rome, and making a trip down to the Bay of Naples in a convertible Maserati GranCabrio, or a Porsche 911 GT3.

What’s important when looking to hire a luxury car is to find a company that makes sure every part of the booking process offers you the highest quality car hire experience. Quick and simple online booking. Clear pricing and availability. A guarantee that you’ll get the exact make and model you selected. Also a company that offers bespoke, door-to-door delivery to a location of your choice. No more queuing at a depo several miles from your hotel. Driverso does all that, and more.

Driverso recently put together a list of the most peculiar requests they’ve received from customers which range from odd to just extravagant! As experts in luxury car hire across Europe, they’ve had a whole host of customers with particular and sometimes eccentric requests. Take a look:


10) 120 red roses – a Turkish tourist turned on the charm by surprising his wife with the flower of love (120 to be exact) during their anniversary trip to Paris

9) A case of apple juice – one customer wanted to ensure they felt at home in a foreign country so requested their favourite brand of apple juice to stay hydrated on the roads

8) A Chelsea FC shirt – because you’ve got to look the part when visiting the stadium

7) An artisanal panettone, purchased ONLY from Milan – an English tourist who wanted to spoil himself with local delicacies

6) Lady Gaga’s latest CD – to be faithful to your favourite pop star, even when you’re on holiday

5) A shoehorn – a useful, but often scarcely found item for those traveling abroad

4) A vial of sleep drops – because jetlag can really ruin a holiday

3) 8kg of prosciutto – this elegant French customer didn’t want to turn up to her Italian hosts empty handed

2) A dog – for those who prefer the company of man’s best friend

1) A bald driver – we’ll leave you to work that one out…


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