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Buying and building up your first sound system is an exciting experience you’ll never forget.

Just remember that millions of people have done theirs before you, and there’s tons you can learn from the experience (and mistakes) of others.

As a novice to the world of car sound, you’ll want to start off by deciding on what you want and whether you can afford it. After that, it’s all about making the right choice when buying your amplifier.

Here’s how to get started.

Decide on Your Objective
What kind of car sound do you want? Have you seen & heard someone else’s audio and want to mimic it? Or do you have something a little more customized in mind?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, make sure it’s realistic in terms of your budget and the capacity of your car. Here are some questions you should ask:
Do I want to prioritize volume over sound balance?
Will I be installing the amp myself?
Is this an addition or part of a build up from scratch?
Why do I want great car sound and where will I be showing it off?
How much space do I have to install my equipment?

Once you have all these questions answered you can move on to the next important part; your budget.

Establish Your Budget
How much can you realistically spend on your car sound and amplifier? If you want to get exactly what you’ve envisioned, then don’t compromise on low quality components—especially not when it comes to your am.

Allow a reliable car sound site like Car Audio Digital to establish what an amp setup will cost and what all the unexpected costs may be. Everything you need to know about car amplifiers is right there—without exception. Pricing and value are openly discussed, so you’ll get the benefit of expert advice when you’re shopping for amplifiers online.

Identify the Necessary Specs
Know exactly what you need in terms of technical specs. If you don’t know much about how factors like voltage and wattage affect your sound, read through a beginner’s guide or introduction to get the fundamentals down.

Once you know what you need to build your ideal system you can search for these technical aspects in the reviews you browse and the experts you talk to. Knowing these intricate details isn’t for everybody. But for those of us who like that sort of thing, it’s nice to know that it is there.

Do Your Homework
Doing research online before you buy your first amplifier is essential to a smooth experience. The process can be tricky, so the more you plan the better you’ll fare.

There are tons of good reviews online. Know how to spot the authentic ones and you’ll get expert advice from people who have hands-on experience selecting, installing and setting up their amps.

Read as much as you can and you’ll be prepared for the entire process.

Another way to do your homework on buying the right amplifier is to watch installation videos online. Many of these amps have been reviewed on video, and often you can find an easy installation tutorial too.

But the most important thing is to read up on the basics of amplifiers so that you grasp the fundamentals before you start tinkering. The best way to learn is to practice, but being prepared helps accelerate your learning process without all the expensive mistakes that go along with it.

Hear from Others Who Have Bought the Same Amp
In addition to reading professional reviews, speak to people just like you who have already had the experience you’re about to have.

Once you’ve pinpointed an amp you’re willing to consider, check out testimonials from the people who bought them. Pay special attention to the ease of installation. Did they struggle? If so, with what? Can you avoid those same challenges or should you opt for another amp instead?

User reviews give you a broad understanding of how complicated an amp is to figure out in terms of installation and setup. It will also indicate whether the device is high quality. If there’s a low quality amplifier on the market, it won’t be long before you hear about it.

Consider the Installation
Installing your own amp is an experience I highly recommend. But it is something you need to consider carefully. You’re working with expensive equipment here, so one wrong move could destroy your investment completely.

If you’re unsure about installing the amplifier yourself, ask someone more experienced to help you. if you’re determined to learn how to do it on your own, then make sure you follow the instructions and installation guides very carefully.

Ask Questions and Provide Feedback
Sites like Car Audio Logic also host forums and discussion platforms where you can ask questions about your current installation. If you’ve already done your installation—or you’re still in the middle of it—you can go to the forum and relay your own experiences and challenges for others to see.

The trick is to prepare as much as you can for your first amplifier installation. Purchasing is only the final step. Everything that leads up to your purchase can make or break the experience. So guarantee enjoyment during your first time and prepare yourself for this fun challenge.

Remember to check out Car Audio Logic for the latest reviews, news and guides on amplifiers, subwoofers and more.


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