Top 5 V-Twin Motorcycles

Motorcycles come in varied types often for street, off-road and dual purposes. Within these three types are varied sub-categories and a racing counterpart on each type like road racing bikes, street bikes,and dirt bikes among others.

Consequently, each bike configuration offers a special advantage and each of its design creates a different and unique riding posture.

However, they usually have different engine configurations. For instance, there is a V-twin or V2 engine. This is a two-cylinder internal combustion engine where the cylinders are arranged in V shape or configuration.

Take note that V-twin refers to engine configuration not the type of motorcycle. Besides, you can find V-twin motorcycles in almost every motorbike category from a sports bike, cruiser, tourer, and naked bikes.

V-twin motorcycles are big in America and it is not hard to get a good quality one around. You just have to do some research on it first to avoid being sold a fake or worthless one. Nonetheless, we have you covered. You can start online at ChopperExchange.

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Here are some top V-twin motorcycles you can opt for if you are a newbie rider or have nowhere to start. The below bike are all from well-known brands with good reputations in the windsurf.

1.     2018 Aprilia Shiver 900

Aprilia is often known for its aggressive-looking machines with minimal bodywork. This mid-sized naked Shiver has a 90-degree V-twin engine, 896cc and delivers 95hp.

This new Shiver does not only have ABS but also a tri-mode traction control system. This helps keep the tires on the road. It also has a new TFT display, which is ideally a big improvement on it.

Moreover, it has cannon-like exhaust pipes and sounds great on the road. As much as it has an aggressive look, it is ideally a mellower middleweight machine with friendlier features for newbie motorbike riders.

2.     Suzuki SV-650

This is a classic and multipurpose bike.You can race it, commute with it and ride it as if you are running away from the law but you can never outgrow it.

Moreover, it has that hearty V-twin sound of American muscle but a bit docile in nature. You are likely to enjoy it even as a newbie rider. Besides, once you get to know its ins and outs, you will see that it is easy to work on and customize.

It is fuel injected 645cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled 90-degree V-twin engine motorcycle.

3.     KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

This is among the world’s most advanced Travel Enduro chassis. It is hard to dispute or challenge this, as it is a straight up off the road superbike. In relation, it features a 1301cc V-twin enginewith148hp.

Moreover, it is best on dirt and gravel and has different rider modes from sport, street, rain and off-road.

Besides, it has an advanced level of adjustable fuel mapping, traction control system as well as suspension, making it hard to find it out of its element.

4.     Ducati Multistrada

This is a modern day classic bike with a fully customizable sports tourer. It has 1198cc 90-degree V-twin engine that can reach 160hp. Besides, it is one of the best multipurpose motorbikes in the current market. You can commute with it to work, use it for sports and tour with it.

Consequently, this motorcycle is highly versatile and there is little, it cannot do. It features a very high-techgadgetry as well as sophisticated electronics, self-adjusting windshield,and semi-active suspension.

Other features include a standard traction control system, integrated cruise control system and a quality ABS system, among others.

5.     Indian Roadmaster

You would love this for the road tour. Besides, it is built for long distance road trips and features comfortable leather seats and enough storage space for both the rider and passenger.

This bike has a1811cc V-twin engine with six-speed transmission. It is also equipped with a keyless start, remote locking hard bags and trunk, power windshield, integrated GPS, 200-watt stereo with Bluetooth and Pandora, tire-pressure monitoring system as well as heated seats and grips.


Conclusively, you should do research before settling on any type of motorcycle with V2 engine configuration. Nonetheless, feel free to start with any of the above. They are all worth their price tag.

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