Top 7 Honda Street Fun Motorbikes

There’s no doubt that Honda is the most popular brand of sports motorbike in the UK, especially in the street fun category. Most people prefer them since they are affordable and also easy to operate. Below are seven of the best models that can be found in the market today.


Honda CBR1100XX Super BlackBird 


This speed monster is capable of reaching 178mph on a straight road, those who have ridden it before say the CBR1100XX is both smooth, refined and elegant. With its distinct clean flowing lines running from one end to another, the BlackBird looks remarkably fresh and is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. Moreover, high quality parts and superior fuel economy make it a favourite amongst bike lovers. The machine is suitable for all-day touring both in rider and pillion mode, it’s also very stable when carrying luggage.


Honda VFR750 RC36 


The RC36 has been engineered to last and features a unique V4 motor torque system with gear-powered cams, one sided swing arm and a pair of wide 17-inch wheels which offer maximum ground grip. When the engine is turned on, it delivers a tidal midrange power burst of up to 150mph. The bike is very reliable for long distance and high mileage street tours. Even the looks are dashing with well-proportioned contours that are simply timeless.


Honda CBR900RR Fireblade  


CBR900RR is one of the best-selling bike models in UK, though lightweight and easy to handle it packs a powerful 918cc engine with stainless steel exhausts and slightly higher bars which give excellent control. Likewise, the16-inch front tyre makes it extremely swift to steer when turning sharp corners. The bike is also good on fuel, cheap to cover, and used models come at very discounted rates.


Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade


This 176kg streetbike produces about 170bhp and has a top speed of 175mph, also available is an automatic/electronic steering damper that makes driving so much fun. It also comes equipped with larger brakes, suspension chassis & tweaks. It’s these particular improvements which make the CBR1000RR Fireblade a great machine to drive, both on road & track.The extra power produced by its high torque engine gives it more character, though in true Honda fashion it’s unintimidating and you won’t notice the power until you turn on the engine. Moreover, according to users the handling is agile, braking terrific and ESD function is a bonus when riding through rough terrains.


V. Honda CBR954RR Fireblade 


Honda CBR954RR continues to dominate the sports motorbike category with its slim sharper body, improved suspensions and a revised chassis system. This 954cc model packs great power and once the engine is turned on all the muscle will be yours. With a predictable and striking power output capacity, telepathic steering and dual-finger braking with impressive ergonomics the owner is guaranteed to stay happy for many years to come.


VI. Honda VFR800 VTEC


It’s one of the few bikes in the market with a variable valve timing system, plus the engine has been revised from a 2-valve to 4-valve unit for even better output. Electronics have also been improved with ignition timing and fuelling based on a variety of parameters such as throttle & gear position. Furthermore, handling is superb even with luggage on racks and sharp ABS braking guarantees a quick stop even in cases of emergency.


VII. Honda CB500 


Users describe the CB500 as a memory which never fades way, it houses a 500cc engine with 54 bhp dual-twin turbo performance and can complete 190,000 miles without needing any major servicing thereafter. Rapid, comfortable and sufficiently equipped are the best ways to describe this machine. It also catches up speed fast and can rival other models with bigger engines without disappointing.