If you’re looking to add new tech to your car in 2019, finding something that doesn’t break the bank can be a challenge. Whether you’re on the brink of applying for an Uncle Buck short term loan in a financial emergency, looking to treat yourself when things are back on track, or you just want to deck your car out for the new year, here are our top picks for budget-friendly car tech in 2019.

Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

Whether you’re loyal to your golden oldie, or you’re simply running a budget-friendly pre-2000s model, you probably know the struggle of having to ferry around tapes or settle for the repetitive nature of the radio. If you want the luxury of the connect-and-go music experience, we have the gadget for you. With the Ion Cassette Bluetooth adapter, you can use your old tape player to listen to your music no matter the length of your journey. With a price tag of just £19.99, this is the perfect solution for enjoying those guilty pleasure tunes without the physical tape to show for it.

Wireless Phone Charger

In addition to Bluetooth technology, there is also a way for you to wirelessly charge your phone on the go, provided your device has the tech capability. The Auckly Qi phone holder with built-in wireless charger holds your phone as you drive and will charge as you go, ensuring that you have the power you need for navigation, without bothersome wires getting in the way. With a secure grip on both sides, you can be sure that your phone is held steady through every bump and in stop-start traffic. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices that can wireless charge, this is the perfect gift or treat for those that spend a good chunk of their time on the road.

Dash Cams

Everyone knows the dangers of the roads at times, with treacherous weather conditions and drivers that are less than perfect, you can never be too careful. With the addition of a dash cam in your car, you can make sure that you have video footage available in the case you may need to make an insurance claim. Although some dash cams on the market can seem a bit pricey, there are a number of models that provide you with the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. With the Next Base dash cam coming in at just £36.00 and offering a mid-range option, this features an HD lens with a recording time of 5 min loops to ensure that you are covered regardless of the time of day.

Nonda Zus

The final gadget that has earned its rightful place on this list is the Nonda Zus. This smart little gadget offers a range of different tracking and trip-related data, and even eliminates the age-old question of “where did I park my car?” by using GPS. With quick-charging USB ports for your phone or navigation system, a battery monitor for your car’s battery performance, business mileage tracking and even a parking meter reminder, this is the perfect gift for the most forgetful of your friends and family. At just £32.50, it’s a smart gadget that means you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Regardless of what car you drive, there are a number of amazing gadgets that you can add to your car to help make your morning commute easier. Which one will you choose?


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