Total DPF Cleaning Northern Ireland

Clean it, using the latest technology from Total DPF Cleaning. A much cheaper option than replacing or repairing and it ensures up to 98% of its original efficiency.


At Total DPF Cleaning in Ballymena, Co Antrim, a family run business that specialise in the cleaning of diesel particulate filters using state of the art Flash Cleaner technology.

After extensive research of all of the DPF Cleaning Machines on the market we decided on the state of the art DPF cleaning technology developed by Flash Cleaner Machine. This equipment provides a fast and cost-effective method of regeneration, returning the DPF to within 98% of the original new condition.

Proven results guarantee the total removal of cerium and oil deposits and PM10 without any damage to the diesel particulate filter.

If you like to save money then choose us for significant savings. No need for costly repairs or expensive new filters.

Our DPF cleaning service can generate significant savings for our customers by removing the need to undertake costly on-going repair bills or buy expensive new filters.

You can find out more information about the business by viewing their website here – or by visiting the Facebook page here –

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