Volvo FMX In the Hands of a Toddler

A four year old is often not even trusted with his/ her 10 year old sibling’s stationary for the fear of ruining notes or freshly done walls with colourful sharpies. With the budding curiosity of testing everything new that they come across and the desire to imitate what they follow, kids in this age group love experimenting with new stuff and look out for thrill and excitement. And this is exactly what Volvo has used to market its FMX truck.

The giant Volvo FMX truck embarks on a journey, probably that of a lifetime at the tiny hands of a four year old. With the remote control in her hand, the exam starts with excited squeals of Sophie Brown from a secured location where she could have the time of her life playing with a real life remote controlled car, an 18 tonne truck. And not to miss her amusing expressions at every toss and turn the truck took and with every crash too. The real test came through when the truck went straight through the house and comes out intact! That’s what the brand needs to advertise, come hell or high water, Volvo is designed to endure it all. The experiment however took place in a controlled environment and none of the individuals involved were at risk of accident, also the buildings were completely vacated before conducting the test.

The Brand which Speaks for Itself

Volvo Trucks is a Swedish heavy duty truck brand that also enjoys the position of being second in the list of world’s largest heavy duty truck brands. Since its first truck hitting the roads in 1928, Volvo has never faced a halt in its progress or efficiency; it has only improved with time and technological advances.

There are a number of geographical locations serving as plants where Volvo trucks are being manufactured keeping in mind the effectiveness of the product, such as Curitiba-Brazil, Ghent-Belgium, Bangkok- Thailand, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, Tehran-Iran, New River Valley-Virginia USA, and Wuhan-China to name a few. What remains constant in all these production facilities is the quality of the brand, which they just don’t compromise on!

The olvo trucks are built keeping in consideration the nature of tasks they’re supposed to carry out in routine, and are designed by professionals accordingly – so is the case with other offerings of Volvo such as buses and construction equipment. These trucks are also designed for efficient fuel consumption and engines that take the toughest challenges without breaking down easily or ceasing to function properly.

This was evident in the test drive of the Volvo FMX at the hands of a four-year-old, who ruthlessly attacked the remote control with all the enthusiasm she could muster and invested it in the toy at her hand (the remote control for Volvo FMX Truck). With every bump and every smash, the excitement only multiplied as to what may come next, the roll over and crossing thorough a house also did not break down the powerfully built truck. The capacity of endurance and the performance of the vehicle were constantly noted and the level of fortitude was evident in the test clips where the serious brand was left at the mercy of a child’s adventure.

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