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Having a car seems like a normal part of life, but for many people it’s also one of life’s luxuries. Whether you have a run-a-round getting you from A to B or take more of a keen interest in your motors, they all come with a price tag both to buy and to run – but how much do these costs differ around the world?

New research from forex trading platform IG Markets compares the cost of a brand new VW Golf across 10 countries worldwide. Singapore weighs in at the top of the list, where drivers pay on average a whopping £63,600. At the other end of the list, Australians shell out a fraction of that, paying just £13,900 on average.

The price of petrol per litre also varies widely across the globe. The UK comes in as second most expensive on the list, with Brits paying £1.14 per litre on average. However, if you live in the United Arab Emirates then not only do you benefit from better weather but also cheaper motoring, paying a mere £0.38 for a litre.

Check out the graphic below to explore all 10 countries to see how you fair in the ‘cost of motoring’ comparison.

motoring - cost of the world

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